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Creative fall fundraising ideas

Fall season is a great time for people to come together and socialize. It is also a great time for people to gather as a community and celebrate around a camp fire or a dinner table or even a sport filed. It is also a great time to organize a fundraising campaign as people will love to become part of something together thus there is a greater chance of success for your campaign.

With so many popular autumn activities morphing and activity to your fundraiser will be easy. With improvisation and creativity, you can have fun raising money for your nonprofit. Here are some creative fall fundraising ideas:-

1. Harvest Feast
A community dinner or feast is one thing that can bring people together and participate in large number. You can contact local chefs and business for serve beverages and food and you can also arrange musicians. To support your cause you might find business and people to partner up with who will want to support you. You can sell tickets for a seat at the dinner table and also attract sponsors with the promise to promote their product on the site.

2. Pumpkin Carving Contest
Carving a pumpkin has been one of the traditional activities in America for generations. You can arrange such an event and charge an entry fee for the competition and sell merchandise of any sponsor you partner up with. Organizing such an event will not only help you raise money but also make your likable in front of the local community.

3. Festival Race
Whether for Halloween or for Thanksgiving you can hold a spectacular marathon run. You can even host the event live and collect donations online through online portals from a much bigger audience. You will be able to sell t-shirts and other merchandise to promote your organization.

4. Football tournament
As football season starts you can also kick off a football match for your own local community. Ask local people to form teams and register for the match for a small fee and compete with other teams. You will be able to generate more money by creating multiple teams and multiple matches which the people will come and pay to see.

5. Apple Picking
Many apple orchards arrange an orchard walk during the fall season. Partner up with a local orchard and charge people an entry fee to the orchards. You can also host an apple-themed feast and other activities.

6. Bonfire Gathering
Like said before the season of fall is a great time for people to come out and enjoy the weather and do activities as a community. Bonfire after such events can attract a lot of people, who do not want to enjoy a campfire style gathering and socializing. You can ask local business for pallet donations. Sell tickets for the gathering and also ask for donations at the venue.

There are various ways to inculcate this season into your nonprofit fundraising plans. However, you may do it you will have the potential to reach out to many more people than usual. Fall season fundraising events lucky don’t limit any demographic of people, all and everyone is welcome.


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