Nonprofit trends that will boost fundraising in 2020

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Nonprofit trends that will boost fundraising in 2020

There are thousands of nonprofits that  currently exist in the United States and donors contribute more than $300 billion annually to these nonprofit organizations. Fundraising for nonprofits has only grown bigger and continues to be a massive contributing sector to the betterment of the society. You must have come across articles and updates that provide checklists for 2020’s nonprofit business. GiveCentral too has compiled a few of the best trends and opinions that will be relevant this year. 


Be it for-profit or nonprofit business, branding is not a new concept to the industry. Earlier, building an organization as a brand was not common in the nonprofit industry, however it has become an essential component to run a business and to make it thrive. Branding is expected to matter more than ever now. Apart from establishing their own enthralling areas of credibility and difference, nonprofits will now have to rethink their strategic partnerships and alliances. An example would be Amazon’s recent announcement to tie up with The Nature Conservancy, this is mainly to help with climate solutions. 

The Election Effect

The election can turn out to be quite a boon when it comes to fundraising for nonprofits. As per Classy platform data, there was a rise in initiation in recurring subscription following the 2016 election; this was largely inclined towards advocacy organizations, civil rights and social action.  The donors that come in at this time are more likely to stick around for over 18 months. Your nonprofit may not necessarily fall into advocacy or civil rights oriented realm, but a well thought out recurring plan around this would help you drive your donations better and also reach a larger audience. The 2020 US Presidential elections are scheduled in November, so make sure that you plan ahead.

Donations via text

Trends driven by technology cannot be ignored if the goal is to excel. Text-to-Give is one such tool that will help your nonprofit achieve the target amount, without any hassle and much to the convenience of your donors. We live in a world where people like to have things done quickly, therefore texting tools are ideal and practical. Patrick Coleman in a Forbes article holds the same views saying,“…the key question to ask will be, can our donors make their gift to us in 30 seconds or less? Will our tools be able to remember them? Can returning donors make a gift in 10 seconds or less? Ease of use and simplicity will be critical. Texting can definitely make that possible.”


It’s strictly business, your contacts matter. In order to have good contacts and know influential people that can help you out or help you promote your cause and campaign, you must network. This can be done through attending nonprofit events or via conversations on social media. You can also opt for an opinion article wherein you will have various nonprofit experts sharing their views. You can start working on this by following nonprofit influencers such as Matt Flannery and Elizabeth Kumbhari; opinions followed by actions do really shape an industry.

Fundraising apps

Fundraising through websites and applications as platforms is a trend that is going to stay for some time. It is easy to mobilize work through an app and also, managing database becomes a lot easier. GiveCentral for instance, provides a service where there is proper guidance for every step of the way – from planning, fundraising and execution to follow ups. Interactive fundraising apps enable you to engage your supporters better, this in turn leads to deeper bonds and loyalty.


This is a trend for nonprofits which is highly anticipated to grow in 2020. A podcast usually reaches 20 to 45 people in one go; it can be listened to, at home and on our smartphones. This can be used to educate staff and volunteers with news and other notifications. It can also be used to show the impact of your work. It usually costs upto $500 for one session and all you need is recording software and microphones. 

Pay attention to the big days and seasons like #GivingTuesday and Spring Fundraising, these are occasions that may hold big meaning for your donors. Corporate giving too is expected to be on the rise. All in all, fundraising for nonprofits has the ability to adapt to changing times and embrace those changes. 

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