Easy fundraising ideas to kickstart your charity fundraising

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Easy fundraising ideas to kickstart your charity fundraising

Ideas, as we wish they did, do not come that easily. And easy fundraising ideas that actually work for your charity and nonprofit come even less easily. Until now. We have got your next charity fundraising covered with some really engaging ideas. Along with a tint of creativity, these ideas are bound to turn your ordinary campaign into a unique and fun charity fundraising experience. Through this article, you will get to learn about some evergreen fundraising ideas, how to harness the power of the online platforms and some unique fundraising ideas around special days. As you know women’s day and mother’s day are around the corner, we will be sharing with you some existing ideas to get the ball rolling.   

The food saga

Organize a culinary competition and encourage your supporters and donors to be a part of it. A pie-making or a dinner feast competition will do the trick. The foodies out there are going to love it and are definitely going to make a dish of their choice. Supporters who are not good at cooking can go around tasting the contestant’s preparation by making a gift and then casting a vote. 

Here is the tint of creativity you need! 

Probably the idea of organizing culinary competition won’t be a new one. Make it hit by organizing a competition within a competition. How about selecting the chef or judge with yet another competition? Let’s auction the position of the judge. Let the supporter who makes the largest gift hold the throne. 

Such competitions are fun, right? But what if you don’t have the resources and time to organize one. You may still opt for a culinary feast by hosting a cocktail party or setting up food stalls. Participants will get to buy their favorite beverages and food at an inflated price that would be donated for the cause.

Make the women’s and mother’s day a big affair!

Fundraise as you celebrating the spirit of women. Organize the same feast with a twist. Let the men cook and the women select the winner. The same goes for the mother’s day where the kids cook for mothers. The competition can be organized for a cause related to women and hence, will align with the occasion. 

Get sporty

What is the innate feature that a sports competition, a tournament or a gaming contest has? The crowd and the cheer. And that is what exactly you need for a fundraising campaign. Organize a bike race competition or even a bike-relay competition to make it more fun and engaging. For sporting events, there aren’t any dearth of ideas. From Charity run/walk event, roller-skating marathon, video gaming marathon to a football tournament, there are a plethora of them that can get you going. 

Here is the tint of creativity you need!

Feels that a normal walk/run event too outdated? Here is what you can do to turn it into a crazy and impactful event. A costume race! Yes, a race or walk event where the participants will dress up as a zombie, or in their favorite cartoon character or their favorite Star Wars or Harry Potter character. Such a twist will definitely create a buzz. 

Make the women’s and mother’s day a big affair!

Organize a themed event such as “A woman, for a woman”.  Encourage women to run/walk or participate in a competition for raising funds for women in need.

Online Giving – the virtual way!

We can’t stress enough on the fact that the world is going online. It definitely has made things easier for businesses and so is for nonprofits and charities. Imagine all the steps you need to undertake in your action plan to run a successful offline fundraising campaign. Creating a campaign strategy on paper, promoting it offline which takes a toll on your budget, receiving gifts in-person, manually maintaining the data of the donors and the gifts they contribute, etc. piles up to be an enormous task. 

Whether you intend to implement an easy fundraising idea into action or an elaborate and detailed one, online giving has covered it all. Now imagine this scenario. You create a fundraising strategy online, promote it on social media and through emails (that is way cheaper than offline methods), collect it online that gets automatically entered into your database. Life gets easier, isn’t? 

That you have understood the importance of online giving and how it opens up more possibilities for fundraisers, let’s take a look at some ideas that will help you with your next online fundraising campaign. Selling merchandise online is a great option. Get coffee mugs, t-shirts and other merchandise printed with images that would gain a lot of traction. You may try characters such as superman, spiderman, etc. 

Make the women’s and mother’s day a big affair! 

Paint every online channel of your charity in the theme of the occasion. Turn all your social media banners, your webpage images, and the color code that aligns with the theme. Sell merchandise and products made by women on your website and social media pages.

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