How can your nonprofit fundraising benefit from Matching Gifts?

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How can your nonprofit fundraising benefit from Matching Gifts?

As a nonprofit fundraising leader, you might have come across the concept of matching gifts. To contribute with a matching gift, donors just have to submit a request to their employers. If the donor’s gift and your organization qualify, the company will send you a check for the same amount (or larger depending on the corporation’s matching gift program), helping you receive two donations for the price of one.

Most big corporate organizations conduct matching gift programs, but do you know how your fundraising can benefit from them? This article will help you learn to take advantage of the corporate giving programs and double your donations.

What are Matching Gifts?

A matching gift is a donation made by the employer that matches an employee’s donation to an eligible nonprofit organization. Many companies across the United States offer this privilege to their employees as a part of their corporate philanthropy process. Therefore, millions of individuals who are employed in one or the other such company, are eligible to participate in a matching gift program. 

Fact:  65% of the Fortune 500 companies offer a matching gift program.

Here’s a list of companies offering the matching gift program.

Utilizing this is so beneficial because a donation made to your organization could be matched by a corporate employer, which would literally double the donation. All an individual has to do is get the matching gift forms from the Human Resource Department. Thus, the employer will validate that the donation has been made to an eligible organization and send a check of the same value (depending on the parameter of the employer) to your organization.

How can you make the most of your Nonprofit Fundraising with Matching Gifts?

Billions of dollars are left unutilized because of lack of information among nonprofits. But you can now capitalize on this opportunity and make your nonprofit donations bigger. It’s not a very hard task, because the donor has already contributed to your cause and hence, made a connection with it. Now, it could be that your donor doesn’t really know if their employer offers a matching gift program or not. It is now your task to remind them of it. Guide them through the process, as the easier it is for them to do it, the more likely they’ll go through with it.

Convey the message –

  • Put up information blocks or notes about matching gifts on your website’s donation pages. Most likely, your donors have already gone through your “how to donate” guides. So encourage them to make that extra effort and talk to their employers about the additional monetary support.

    GiveCentral provides you the opportunity to design custom giving pages, where you can make your own giving pages and share them with your supporters. With the given tools, you could add the information on  your GiveCentral fundraising page in an attractive manner, grab the attention of your donors and increase your nonprofit fundraising donations!
  • Social media is the best tool to inform your community about the great tools or options that you can equip them with, isn’t it! Why not spread the word about Matching Gifts and ask your donors to check if they are missing an opportunity to contribute more to their favourite cause and organization.
  • The acknowledgement letter is something your donors take very seriously for tax purposes. Add blurbs or “Do you know’s ” about matching gift opportunities in the same. Your donor is most likely to read the whole letter and recognize the opportunity for additional monetary help.

Remember, make it the easiest you can for your donors, for you are asking them to do some extra work. Once the matching gift requests have been made, your job is done. In case you are finding it difficult to or need external help on this matter – Contact us today!

Happy Fundraising. 

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