4 Things your nonprofit needs to know about mailing list segmentation

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4 Things your nonprofit needs to know about mailing list segmentation

Nonprofits have realized of late that not all supporters could be put into the same basket. Dividing them into different groups based on their preferences and giving habits and delivering customized messages is essential for nonprofit fundraising.

This ensures that there is no irrelevant messaging and you are able to get the best out of your communication strategy. Segmenting your supporters might seem intimidating to start off with, but with the help of data analytics, it could be achieved without much hassle. All you need to do is to know how to go about your segmentation.

Here are a few things your nonprofit needs to know about mailing list segmentation.

Set the parameters on how you want to categorize supporters

First and foremost, you need to analyse which donors and audiences you want to communicate with. Then assess all the information you have on them to segment them into different categories. There could be a lot of variables to choose from – age, gender, giving habits, method of donation, relationship with your nonprofit, etc.

Keep it simple in the beginning

Don’t worry about being perfect in the beginning. Start small and make simple segments. You could break your donor groups further with time, as you get more experienced in how to deal with it.

Use segmentation for better targeting and efficiency

Once you have sorted your donors into different groups, you could target them accordingly based on their behaviour and preferences. This will give you the best results for all the effort you put in.

Ensure you have the right tools

Having a good donor management software could make the task easier for you. It already has a built in data analytics feature which does all the data collection and reporting for you. All you need to do is analyse the reports and decide how you want to go about it.

Mailing list segmentation could boost your nonprofit fundraising by channeling your efforts in the right direction. It is not just the amount of hard work that you put in, but some smart work that gives the best results.

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