Five great campaigns around the Halloween that your nonprofit could learn from

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Five great campaigns around the Halloween that your nonprofit could learn from

Halloween – the spookiest time of the year is also one of the most exciting ones for marketing your brand. This also marks the beginning of the holiday fundraising season which is an extremely important period for nonprofits. By using Halloween to market your cause, you could ensure that your nonprofit has a great start to this year end fundraising season. Having a fun and spooky theme could be a great way to connect with your audience.

Here are five great campaigns around the Halloween that your nonprofit could learn from and give a boost to your cause.

Marks & Spencer

M&S put a spooky new look on its popular range of confectionery and delighted its consumers around Halloween. Percy Pigs became Percy Pumpkins along with characters like Freaky Frogs, Vampire Fangs and Zombie Owls. Colin the Caterpillar was dressed up as Dracula.


Coca Cola launched new designer cans and limited edition Halloween versions of Fanta multipacks drinks. There was a special feature with QR codes that could be scanned to access branded Snapchat filters and lenses. There was a China doll shedding tears of Fanta.


Hershey’s made use of the popular DIY trend and created a video to show how to turn chocolate into a cute party favour. It marketed this campaign well on social media and Hershey’s Halloween post received nearly 10000 total interactions on Facebook.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay was calling all ghouls and gals by calling them on social media. It created a contest that was promoted across social media channels. They urged their audience to share their own Halloween looks with them. The winner was to receive cash prize and Urban Decay products were given out.

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney found a creative way of celebrating Halloween. It came up with its own Halloween post on Facebook which received around 240000 total interactions. This outperformed all their posts in the entire year and was a great way to connect with their audience.

These are a few fun and creative campaigns around the Halloween. Learn from them and figure out how to market your nonprofit around it. This could be a great start to your year end fundraising efforts.


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