How to use LinkedIn in your fundraising efforts

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How to use LinkedIn in your fundraising efforts

LinkedIn has 111 million members in US. This amounts to roughly 54 percent of the country’s working age population. These people are the decision makers, with high incomes. For your nonprofit, it is a door wide open to people who wish to do good. When it comes to fundraising for nonprofits, the idea is to reach out to as many people as you can who you think could help you in your efforts.

LinkedIn could be the perfect partner in your fundraising endeavors. Here are a few ways through which you could leverage it for getting the most out of all your efforts.

Contact your current donors

They are your best ambassadors. You can invite them directly on LinkedIn or by mail, by inserting a LinkedIn logo in your signatures. LinkedIn facilitates exchanges and contacts with people who are typically difficult to approach in “real life”.

Join groups on LinkedIn

Joining and participating in groups makes you visible and with the right content, establishes you as an industry expert. The section “Groups you might like “on LinkedIn suggests groups related to your themes or preferences. The group directory lists all groups that can assist you with your fundraising by helping you connect with the people inclined to your cause.

Networking with the associative world on LinkedIn is easy. Donors from other associations can become your donors if directed well. Choose associations that are rather close to you, geographically or thematically.

Know the rules to respect

Verify the permissions: on their profile, the members indicate the reasons why they agree to be contacted. Respect that. Customize messages to address the recipient needs. Get to the point. Having recommendations is good for your reputation on LinkedIn. Ask your collaborators and members, previous donors to write a recommendation about your nonprofit. In a group, allow the administrator and members to contact you.

LinkedIn is a social network with a professional theme, where decision makers and influencers are registered. It really facilitates the connection with these people. The ease of contacting people you wouldn’t reach normally should not however lead to casual messaging or exaggerated intrusion in their circle. You should be aware about where to draw the line. Leveraging it in the right way could lead you towards a successful fundraising for nonprofits.


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