Things to remember when fundraising in multiple states

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Things to remember when fundraising in multiple states

When it comes to fundraising for nonprofits it’s always a great idea to diversify your support base and reach out to people in multiple states. Sticking to just one state reduces your fundraising opportunities. But moving to different states could bring its own set of challenges to deal with. This aren’t difficult to settle but does require some prior information and effort.

Here, we are listing down a few things that you need to remember when you decide to fundraise in multiple states.

Laws regarding registration in different states

People move from one place to another and so could your donors. They could move to one of the states where charitable registration regulations require nonprofits to register with the state before engaging themselves in any fundraising activity. But every state has its own set of laws. There is no uniform filing process that you could seek help from. Some states require you to register even before you could make your fundraising request while in the other ones registration is not essential until you receive a certain amount of donations from the residents of that state. Different states have different fees for filing and varying exemptions rules.

Going online could make things really smooth

You could use the social media to send messages to your donors or potential donors. Electronic newsletter or even text to give messages could also be used. Mobile giving is also something that you could take up to make the process of giving easier. An obligation to register will be raised for your nonprofit in another state as soon as someone sends out a solicitation through a digital appeal.

There is a proposal by charity officials to create a single portal for online registration in multiple states. Till this gets implemented, nonprofits will have to get through the multiple laws for registration. Increasing the scope of operations is essential for a successful fundraising for nonprofits. The result obtained would be worth all the effort put.

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