The 5-Second rule to fundraising success

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The 5-Second rule to fundraising success

How long should it take to make a gift? For us at GiveCentral, the answer is 5 seconds or less.  Making giving quick and easy creates an amazing opportunity for fundraising success.

When fundraising for nonprofits, one of the greatest barriers for donors when giving is the number of clicks and length of time it takes to make a donation. The whole process should take very little time and at most, one or two clicks. The answer should always be 5 seconds or less.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when it comes to online giving:

Can donors update their payment information via email without leaving the email? Can donors convert from checks to cash via email or text? Can donors make one-time and recurring gifts via text or email in 5 seconds or less?  Can donors see their giving history 24/7? Can you see the value of all gifts easily and in real time? Are all thank you messages immediate and personalized? Can donors give through email and text? Can donors give via mobile? Can donors give in 5 seconds or less?

Giving for donors should be quick and easy, but so should the process on your end. That is where GiveCentral comes in to help. We integrate into all major databases.  So even if you’re already successful, we can help you grow and maybe even reduce your costs. If you’d like help, learning how to make it easier for your donors to give, please reach out to We would love to help. We can help you get started today.


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