The perfect giving back ideas for this holiday season

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The perfect giving back ideas for this holiday season

For many nonprofit members, being actively involved in nonprofit fundraising also means giving back in different ways at several intervals. But what is the purpose behind giving back? Well the answer to this could differ from person to person; some give back because of the joy they feel while some do it as a simple sweet gesture. As Mother Teresa rightly said, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving”, the excitement and happy thoughts that go into this process is what matters most.  

It is a fact that our donors have been donating to our causes and nonprofits using modern donor management softwares. With Christmas less than a month away, it is a great idea to give back using the same donation tools such as mobile giving and text-to-give, while we also consider some of the few ways that have been listed below.

  • Philanthropy is the word

Encouraging and supporting campaigns and causes set up by others is a great thing, what’s even better is when you reach out to them and donate your bit to help them reach their target goals. This could be in terms of time, money or even ideas.

  • Pro Bono it

This falls under the same category with traditional volunteering. You probably already know what you are good at or which activities interests you the most. Go ahead and offer free services in the fields that you like such as graphic designing, cooking for a community, and so on. In short, give back at what you are good at.

  • Virtual volunteering

With the world turning digital, the nonprofit industry is nowhere lagging behind. According to Network for Good (a Web-based giving service), one-third of the entire year’s online donations are made in December. You can give back this festive season by volunteering online with the charity you support; offer your services and expertise that can be delivered through an online communication.

  • Optimize the benefits of your wardrobe clean up

When you sort your wardrobe out, you usually find some clothes that have been untouched since long but aren’t worn out yet. These clothes can be donated to a charity where somebody will find good use for them.

  • Never miss out on social media

Educate yourself about the cause and charity you’re supporting by reading about it and its projects. Find the charity’s handle on social media and show your support by sharing posts that intrigue you. You can also use social media as a platform to make a request for a different kind of gifting this time round, quoting Patrick J Coleman (CEO, GiveCentral),“One great idea during the Christmas season is to ask your friends and family to donate to a charity instead of giving you Christmas gifts”.

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