Coming Soon: GiveCentral’s email customization features!

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Coming Soon: GiveCentral’s email customization features!

Email Tokens

Donors tend to give more willingly if the giving process is made extra-simple for them. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to introduce Tokens—a product you can drop into an email in order to nudge your donors toward increasing their donation a little bit.

How does it work? Say a donor has already agreed to give $100 a month to your nonprofit. The next time you email them, you can include a token asking if they’d consider giving 10% more—but that’s not all! Instead of asking the donor to log in to your website (thus forcing them to dredge up their password), they can simply click “yes” or “no” within the email itself. They can also change their payment method right there in the email without having to log in anywhere.

Customized Email Responses

When a donor gives to your organization, shouldn’t your confirmation/thank-you email reflect the transaction that just happened? Soon, you will be able to customize the email responses that your donors receive by changing out logos, creating different logos for each event, changing and editing copy as necessary, and even suppressing certain types of emails if you find that useful.

Keep up with us to learn when you can use these new features! In the meantime, if you have questions, contact us at or visit us at

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