Nonprofit Fundraising simplified with GiveCentral’s mobile giving

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Nonprofit Fundraising simplified with GiveCentral’s mobile giving

It is true that smartphones are now everywhere. It is said that only 35% of Americans owned a smartphone in the year 2011, six years down the line the number jumped up to 77%. This is one major reason why mobile giving should be your nonprofit’s go to technique for fundraising. Also taking millennials into consideration, almost every one of them today own mobile devices and the good news is that this section of the society have become increasingly engaged in donation and volunteer work. This quick and easy donation method is a fast growing trend; from 14% in 2015 to more than 25% today donate through their mobile devices. 

Mobile giving, in simple words, is a subcategory of online giving. The difference lies in the fact that the donation here is done through any mobile device or a smartphone. Everytime such a device is used to donate, it is considered to be mobile giving. Again, there are different ways to donate through mobile giving. 

  1. Donation through mobile application
  2. Giving through texts (text-to-give)
  3. Donation via email on a mobile device (mobile email)
  4. Giving through mobile-responsive donation pages

GiveCentral, as an ideal platform for nonprofit fundraising, has always been a supporter of quick and easy giving. The concept of this technique enables donors to make donations without any hassle, straight from their mobile devices. Under GC’s Texting Tools, there are two services namely, Text-to-Give and Text-to-Connect. These methods also allow for instantaneous communication with the donors. 


This method allows donors to make a donation directly from their mobile devices, anywhere, at any point of time. This is also convenient for fundraisers, because donors are led directly to the relevant mobile friendly fundraising page. The only requirement is a simple text from donors with the necessary donor details.


Donors are a major part of nonprofit fundraising, that is why the donation technique has to offer benefits to the donor. GC’s Text-to-Connect enables the donors to feed their information directly into the fundraiser’s database. In case there is any change in the given information, notifications are sent out to the concerned parties. For nonprofits, unique texting numbers for Text-to-Connect are provided by GiveCentral. Donors can text their primary information, like name and email through this unique number. 

In both the services, there are auto reminders that can be sent to donors who have signed up for recurring donations. Notifications telling donors about a credit card’s expiry can also be sent.

There are different ways through which you can make your mobile giving promotions even more engaging, your technique has to be put out there so that donors can utilize it and reach your nonprofit.

  1. You can always include a text-to-give number on event swag. As you discuss the free stuff that your nonprofit event will be offering, placing a number for your service will earn you the attention you need. 
  2. Put out an advertisement for your mobile giving app wherever you place your organization’s ad. This could be on newsletters, publications and online platforms. 
  3. Utilize your email appeals as a platform to promote your mobile giving. While sending out the appeals, you can add your mobile donation URL or a QR code. This will direct donors to your mobile responsive donation page. 
  4. Direct mails are a great place to talk about your mobile giving too.

This innovation way to raise funds is bound to get more revenue to your organization. It appeals to an audience of all ages, you also always have the option to conduct demonstrations at events and also through short videos. With GC’s texting tools, the goal is to increase the incoming of funds while making easy and smooth for the donors. 

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