The Ideal Fundraising Platform For Catholic Organizations

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The Ideal Fundraising Platform For Catholic Organizations

Nonprofit organizations including Catholic churches need funds for their project, operations and management. With the average weekly giving amount per churchgoer being $17 per week, the need for better management of church donors and donations has become even bigger. This calls for a donor management software that can meet all fundraising requirements while the leaders and staff tend to other management work. Identifying the right fundraising platform for Catholic organizations can take some time and effort but we have you covered right here. 

User Convenience

Whether you are a Catholic organization or a nonprofit working with a Catholic organization, offering convenience and ease of use in your fundraising efforts is very important. Your organization is your house and the fundraising platform you choose is the very foundation of your house. The ideal platform would be easy to use and operate for both you and your donors. 


The platform should be a safe place for everybody linked to your organization. Be it details of donors or account related details, it should be all kept safe and far from random access. 

Pricing & Visibility

Compare the prices of all the platforms that you have in mind and what each brings to the table. A good platform for fundraising will care as much about your cause as running their own business. At the same time, pay attention to the clients and partners that a platform has worked with. How successful has it been? How many clients does the platform tend to?

Level of customization

Another important factor is to look at the extent to which customization can be done on the platform. Look at what the dashboard offers. Does it offer information on real time progress? What all features and giving methods does the platform offer? What about communication materials within the platform and are they customizable? 

GiveCentral as a fundraising platform: (the following points can come with visuals – one visual for each point)

GiveCentral is a web based donation platform designed to help nonprofits including Catholic organizations raise more funds. 

  • By consolidating all collection, fundraising and communication activities into one place, GiveCentral makes it easier for donors to give, for organizations to connect, and for administrators to save time on accounting and data management. 
  • Currently, there are over 750 nonprofits (and counting) that have put their trust in GiveCentral.
  • Customizable communication for all occasions are available on GiveCentral. There are ready to use templates that can be used whenever.
  • From crowdfunding to text to give and online giving, this platform enables it all. Every progress can be tracked on the dashboard provided and there is a team ever ready to help. Text to give is a modern and one of the latest fundraising methods that makes it possible for donors to give to nonprofits via their mobile devices. GiveCentral embraces technology that is easy to use.
  • The platform also offers a virtual fundraising tool. Any organization can host a virtual event where all participants can attend from the comfort of their homes. A donate button is available all through the event. 

Growing your church donors with GiveCentral!

  • Collect donor data for future convenience of both you and your donors.
  • Segregate your donors – major, recurring, one-time and so on. This will help you in identifying your supporters even better.
  • Customized donation forms for Catholic organizations as per requirement. Communication tools to reach out to a wider set of audience. 


Finding the perfect fundraising platform for Catholic organizations would require you to identify your campaign requirements and decide accordingly. Having raised an amount of $1,459,888.36 in a #GivingTuesday Campaign with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, GiveCentral delivers not just excellent services but good results and satisfaction. All these come at an affordable price too, the team can be easily reached here

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