4 Important apps that every nonprofit should take note of

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4 Important apps that every nonprofit should take note of

These are the times marked creative innovations and solutions to make life easy for people. The same goes for nonprofits who have a lot of products to choose from, to make it simple for their donors to give. The easier you make it for your donors, the more will be the amount of donations coming in and the better it will be for your nonprofit fundraising. And there could be no better way than having things in your mobile phone in the form of apps. Apps have simplified a lot of functions which are otherwise too cumbersome and time taking.

Here are a few important apps that every nonprofit should try.

GiveCentral Plus

This is GiveCentral’s best practices program that will offer you assistance in improving your fundraising and planning for future. There is a team of expert consultants who will work with you to create a plan and fundraising timeline that makes sense for you and your nonprofit. Moreover, they will help you in improving your communications to donors and organising all your information collection, making it more accessible and accurate.


iStock offers hundreds of photos that seem like some professional has taken them but don’t cost as much. This makes it hugely accessible for nonprofits to use. They have an extensive library of royalty free images.


Canva helps you become a graphic designer with the help of its drag and drop features with professional layouts. All this makes designing beautiful graphics all too simple which could be picked up by anyone.


Buffer allows you to stay in touch with your audience even when you don’t have access to your computer and are away doing something else. This basically acts as your personal social media coordinator. You could schedule multiple social media posts across various platforms that would post for you even when you are not online.

These are a few apps which are a must for every nonprofit out there. This would not only make your life easier but would also bring in all the desired efficiency that you need to excel.

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