5 Creative autumn fundraising ideas

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5 Creative autumn fundraising ideas

Now that the summer is finally drawing to a close and autumn is slowly but surely arriving, it is time to prepare for the period of gathering. Be it around fire, dinner, festivities, etc, autumn has a way of getting people together to celebrate life. This is a time when people are full of gratitude and look for ways of doing good. If you plan well and capitalize on it, it could be great for your nonprofit fundraising.

Make the most of this Autumn events, with these easy fundraising ideas!

Harvest Dinner

Organize a dinner by talking to some local chefs and businesses. Keep a small entry free for it and sell tickets. Send a special invitation to your donors and the most hard working supporters. Not only will it bring in some funds in the form of tickets sold but also help you to regroup with the people who matter the most to your nonprofit. Tell the people present there about the campaign that you are planning to undertake. Encourage them to donate whatever they could.

Back to School Breakfast

If your nonprofit works with children or education programs, you could plan a breakfast morning and raise some money for your cause. Celebrate the back to school season with it. Ask your volunteers to help you out in this and ask local business houses or groceries to donate towards it.

Halloween Bake Off

Challenge your staff and volunteers to come up with some spectacular baked designs around the theme of Halloween. Sell it and generate some much needed funds.

Autumn Colors Walk

Autumn is the time when the leaves are changing color and the weather is great to go out on a walk and enjoy the beauty of nature. Organize a sponsored walk on your favorite route and share it with your friends and family.

Thanksgiving Feast

Host a Thanksgiving feast for your supporters. Ask them to donate a token amount towards your cause. Don’t forget to share what you are thankful for. Thank each of them present there for everything they have done for your nonprofit.

These are some fun and creative autumn fundraising ideas. This is the time which ultimately leads to the holiday season. Plan strategically and make your nonprofit fundraising a success.

Bonus tip:

Include mobile giving!

Create a mobile only contest. It could as simple assaying people to upload their most funny, scary, creative halloween picture with a unique hashtag, or asking them to design your logo using a pumpkin!

Such contest are a great way to crowdsource fun ideas, promoting your brand online and generate some buzz around your activity.

Which idea would you like to explore for your next nonprofit fundraising event?

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