What social media marketing lessons could nonprofits learn from Netflix?

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What social media marketing lessons could nonprofits learn from Netflix?

Netflix is the leading video streaming services provider. With its presence in over 190 countries and more than 125 million subscribers, it has accomplished some amazing feats over the years. It runs a great social media marketing campaign which helps it add a huge number of subscribers every month and take its product to unchartered territories. Nonprofits could learn a thing or two from this and give a boost to their fundraising campaigns.

Here are 5 social media marketing lessons that your nonprofit must learn from Netflix.

Be as authentic as you can

One reason why Netflix’s followers are able to connect with the brand is the tone in which it conveys its messages. It avoids using a rigidly formal approach and is quite casual in the way it interacts.

Focus more on quality, than quantity

Social media could be a numbers game but don’t get too swayed by it. One reason behind Netflix’s following on social media is the quality of its messages. The witty, humorous style that you could find in its posts, the quality of its tweets make it quite clear that Netflix is looking much beyond meeting some numbers. A lot of creativity goes into the way it engages with its audience.

Encourage sharing your content

One key determinant behind Netflix’s success is how natural it makes it to share its content on social media. Its social sharing buttons are placed in such a way that users find it really easy to click on them and share content with friends.

Keep your product at the core

No amount of marketing could help a sub-par product to succeed. Netflix’s great social media marketing just adds to its amazing video streaming. Similarly your nonprofit fundraising campaign, donor engagement, mobile giving and how efficiently you run it all are going to be key determinants in your success. Adding a great social media marketing strategy to it is only going to take your campaign a few notches higher.

Products make for successful Brands! (not vice versa)

It is meaningful services and quality products that help improve your customer retention, build brand trust and boost your ROI in the long run. People care about aesthetics, but eventually if the product doesn’t help solve the purpose for which it was purchased or add value, it will never be as successful.

Think of the user experience at various touch-points and create information that will help them navigate through various processes or interactions they have with you.

These are a few things that every nonprofit could learn from Netflix to enhance their social media marketing strategy. Learning from the best and adapting to change will determine how successful your nonprofit is going to be.

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