5 Creative ideas to thank your nonprofit donors

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5 Creative ideas to thank your nonprofit donors

Donors play a central role  when it comes to nonprofit fundraising. They are behind all the success that your nonprofit has achieved. They are not only important for your future but are also driving all your present endeavors. In this context, it is only natural that you should show your gratitude towards them. Be thankful to them for everything that they mean to you. Here are a few ways that you could use to thank your nonprofit donors.

Sending a Handwritten Letter

One of the most personal way of thanking your donors could be by sending a handwritten letter. It might be old fashioned yet one of the most meaningful ways of letting your donors know what they mean to you.

Thanking Publicly

Honoring your donors publicly in your newsletter or by placing their names on a building and giving them all the recognition that they deserve is a great way of thanking them. Be genuine in showing your gratitude towards them without having a lot of expectations.

Highlighting on social media

Make it a habit to highlight your donors on social media and letting the world know about the good souls who have helped you achieve everything that you have done. Highlight it in a Facebook post or in a Instagram photo.

Thanking in a video

Make a heartfelt thank you video featuring all your staff and let the message come straight from the head of your nonprofit. This is a really unique and personal way of expressing your gratitude.

Making a personal visit

Segment your donors into various groups, identifying the ones who have been major donors for your nonprofit, the ones who have given time and again, over the years. Visit them personally and thank them for whatever they have done. Motivate them further to take part in your future endeavors.

These are a few creative ideas to thank your donors. Appreciating them enough will only go on to aid you in your future nonprofit fundraising efforts. This will not only make them feel happy about what they are doing but also convert them into long term supporters of your nonprofit.

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