5 Great year end fundraising campaigns to learn from

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5 Great year end fundraising campaigns to learn from

December has to be one of the busiest months for anyone associated with nonprofit fundraising. This being the holiday season, people are full of generosity and tend to give a lot more than what they do otherwise. But within all this, we should not forget that there is an intense competition between scores of organizations to catch on to the limited attention and funds that are on offer during this time of the year.

Here we have compiled a list of some smart year end fundraising campaigns for you to learn from and attract a lion’s share of eyeballs.

Holiday Fundraising Catalogue by Many Hopes

Many Hopes is an organization which works in Kenya to eliminate the country’s poverty and corruption by building homes and schools for children. They started this campaign to help the girls in their homes. They have begun a holiday catalogue of impact gifts which one could buy in honour of someone that they love. Each gift displays giving levels based on the number of the gift items that one could purchase. Every gift comes with a customized ecard which would be sent to the person in whose honour you are buying the item, letting them know which gift was made on their behalf.

Season for Service by Build On

Build On works on a mission to help the poor through service and education. Through their Season for Service campaign, to gain supporters around their cause, Build On shared inspiring stories of transformation and empowerment, one student at a time.

#Rally2EndPoverty Campaign by Choice Humanitarian

Choice Humanitarian helps village leaders around the world by connecting them to resources and tools which could help their community to chart out its own path out of poverty. They launched this campaign to activate fundraisers to commit to completing any challenge in a 24 hour period. It allows the fundraisers to get creative with their own initiatives. The organization encourages new fundraisers by providing them personal campaign ideas.

Season of Promise by Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise helps communities by building schools, training teachers and giving out scholarships to students. It has also started water and health programs for communities. For their Season of Promise campaign they have built a brilliant microsite. The moment one enters this page they are have a storyline waiting for them which shows the importance of taking action this season. It displays the progress that has been made so far towards attaining their goal. It shows the visitor the problems that they are trying to solve and the solutions of offer. It also allows them to get involved if they want to help create a difference.

Recurring Giving Program by Possible Health 

Possible Health is an organization that works towards the goal of universal low cost healthcare. In their push towards a recurring giving program, they have their microsite filled with some eye catching graphics to demonstrate the impact created by donors. As supporters usually connect a recurring donation with its long term impact, visuals help to make a tangible connection between the act of giving and the change that it helped to bring about.

These were some really smart and creative Year End Fundraising ideas. Given the importance of this time of the year for your nonprofit organization, its high time to buckle your belts and take a leaf out of their playbook.

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