Welcome to GiveCentral’s webinar series.

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Welcome to GiveCentral’s webinar series.

At GiveCentral, we have always made it a point to make life easier for the nonprofit organizations. Keeping in line with this philosophy, we have already conducted several sessions and workshops to share all the necessary know how’s.

Now, we are stepping it up and announcing the launch of our Webinar Series. Bringing to you some of the best in the game to help you master your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy. Some of the usual questions which arise while going about a nonprofit fundraising campaign are being dealt here in a concise, easy to understand manner.

You could use these Webinars as an educational resource and reach a new height in your nonprofit’s fundraising pursuits.

We are starting off with the “Marketing your Mission” Series.

The first lesson looks at ways for improving your marketing communications for greater parishioner online giving enrollment.

In this webinar, we have looked into the missing links in your marketing communication strategy. Here are a few things that we have focused on, which will help you in making the most out of your opportunities.

  • How to increase donor enrollment?
  • How to effectively market online giving to parishioners?
  • Which mediums are best for communicating and how often?
  • Who should communicate?
  • How to benchmark to create meaningful growth goals?
  • There is much more in this webinar for you to discover.

We hope that it helps you in your fundraising pursuits so that you could bring the difference that you have been so diligently working for.

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