6 Evergreen email templates for nonprofits

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6 Evergreen email templates for nonprofits

You know it better than anyone, taking care of a nonprofit is a full-time commitment where action is the watchword! We count among these actions, communication, by emails which can be a great success with your donors. However, if no method is in place, these tasks can quickly become time consuming. The result? You abandon sending fundraising emails altogether. The purpose of this article is therefore to give you tips, tricks and email templates for nonprofits in order to facilitate your efforts and save time as you draft your most recurring messages.

Here are the templates we will discuss:
A template of appeal for donations
A thank you email
A template to renew membership
An email template for an event invitation
A newsletter email
A newsletter sign-up thank you template

These email templates are made for nonprofits: you will inevitably find inspiration there! You still have to adapt them to your organization, of course.

1.Emails calling for donations

Why create an emailing template calling for donations?
As you know better than anyone, donations are an important source of funding for your nonprofit because they allow many projects to be carried out. There are many ways to appeal to your donor’s generosity: events, crowdfunding , social media campaigns, etc.

However, remember that your first donors are those who know you. This is good, because you already have a qualified donor base . Use it!

The call for donations is a recurring need : save time by setting up an emailing template for your nonprofit. This template can be used for different campaigns and improved according to the returns you get.

To optimize your campaigns and obtain the most significant results possible, it is necessary to choose the most opportune moment to distribute it.

Context: when to launch your emailing campaign to appeal for donations?
The most favorable period for the our clients in the US has been the end of the year – more precisely the last 3 months – or even the month of December alone .

With the end of the year celebrations comes a need for cohesion and sharing which leads the most generous to do good deeds. From a less magical point of view, the month of December also corresponds to the end of the tax period.

There are tips to boost your donation campaigns at the end of the year . You can consult them to inspire you to organize your fundraising.

Little tip: in your fundraising email template, clearly express the benefits for donors . Generosity is a strong quality which sometimes requires a little help. Do not hesitate to include the tax reductions to which your donors are entitled .

Personalize your emailing campaigns!
It possible to humanize your content and bring a certain closeness in order to attract donor attention and increase awareness among them.
For that, nothing like using photos of your beneficiaries, your team or the people who will carry out the project.

Finally, personalize your emails using dynamic fields . This is possible on most emailing tools, including GiveCentral.

To help you build your fundraising email, we have a variety of pre-designed email templates available on your GiveCentral dashboard, for popular fundraising themes.

2. Thank you/ acknowledgement emails

Your organization has the wind in its sails and that’s good! Your cause and your activity are reaching more and more people and new members are joining the adventure.

It is important to send thanks to your new members and to pamper the most faithful.
Any opportunity is a good one to thank your donors. It is all the more important to pamper your members upon their arrival in the team in order to create a warm and friendly atmosphere.

A thank you email always has its effect, its also easy to create. However, if you operate with generic copy-pasters, the spell may be broken.

Like the fundraising email template, it’s important to personalize your content. There are a lot of customization features available on your GiveCentral platform. We also created a complete guide to writing thank you emails that you can refer for free templates and ideas.

If you get a lot of signups all at once, thank you emails can become a time- consuming activity .

To make your job easier and finally have a course of action to reproduce, adapt our pre-designed email templates on your dashboard or use this social media communication guide to thank your new members.

Take the opportunity to announce the news, the calendar of the year or the activities to come. As a result, you are already involving your new members.

3. Membership renewal emails

You are delighted to welcome new faces to your oraganization, and that’s quite normal. However, your current members are still there and also deserve special attention. It is important to remind them how precious they are to your association and to invite them to renew their membership. update their details or gifts.

In order to count on their support and participation within your association, send your members a targeted e-mail to make them want to extend the adventure.

4. Emailing template: invitation to an event or livestream

Every event is important to celebrate! There are many reasons for wanting to organize a nonprofit event.
However, in order for an event to be successful and reach a larger number of people, it is important to communicate well in advance . One of the ways to distribute information is to contact your members directly by email .

What elements should appear in the email invitation to an event?
The Subject – Be short and clear with your subject lines. A good example would be : “Your invitation for the charity gala.”
Avoid these spam trigger words.
Be eye-catching!
Illustrate with pictures,
Adopt a tone of closeness.

The program
It will let your recipient know not only if they will be able to attend your event or not, but also if they want to attend.

So be clear in the contextual elements and highlight the planned activities . For this, your email must include:

The date,
The place,
The schedules,
The program with the planned sessions.
“Sign me up”: or similar call-to-action,
How to join a livestream event and ways to give to a particular campaign

Make sure you get as many responses as possible from your guests . For this, it is necessary that your recipients can confirm their presence at the event upon receipt of the email. You can use google forms for registrations as well.

If the number of places at your event is limited , do not forget to specify it so that your recipients are not caught off guard and can respond on time.

5. The newsletter: an email template for your organization

The newsletter is your periodic journal . It allows you to keep your subscribers informed on many subjects concerning your organization itself or the cause you support.

These emails are the real communication media, an important skill to master. The newsletter meets many objectives and allows you to highlight your actions and involve your subscribers more in the life of your organization.

If you don’t know where to start, know that there are many topics that can be the subject of a newsletter:

News on the life of your association,
A punctual assessment of the actions carried out,
An emergency email : action must be taken quickly? Notify your members in your newsletter,
More general news on the cause you defend,
An annual report,
Thanks to your partners, volunteers, donors,
Welcome emails,
Relays of blog articles ,

6. Email template to thank website visitors for subscribing to the newsletter

A new Internet user wishes to follow the news of your association and subscribes to your newsletter online. Don’t you think you will leave him unanswered?
Indeed, it is important to follow up on a subscription to your newsletter for several reasons:

Confirm successful registration: with this mention in your email, you are sure that your future reader has nothing to worry about or, in the opposite case, he will be warned of a possible error.
Thank the new participant: It is nice to receive thanks when they are justified. Express the importance to you of having new subscribers to your newsletter.
Remember the purpose of the newsletter: tell your reader that this newsletter is designed to receive such and such information at such frequency.
Invite to participate: why not offer your new subscriber to make suggestions about your newsletter? Also specify how you can stay informed if they wish to contribute.

Remember that saving time on communication is saving time at all levels!
So, don’t hesitate to build email templates for your organization or use our standard email templates to gain productivity.

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