Kick Off The Season Of Giving With New Fundraising Features

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Kick Off The Season Of Giving With New Fundraising Features

Our team at GiveCentral wants to make online giving as easy and effortless as possible for organizations like yours. This month, we have launched some exciting new features to help you speed your fundraising up. Take a look:

Note : Easter Update

Raise more funds for your Easter fundraising campaign. Use GiveCentral’s text-to-give feature to increase donations through mobile and build on your donor database. High attendance masses like Easter should have pulpit announcements, cards in the pew and bulletin ads all promoting the parish texting number. Use the system keywords  
“Easter” – to promote your event and collect donation, and
“Quick” – to sign up new donors.

These new features bring in the following added advantages:

One – Put the right campaign in front of the right people at the right time.
Two – Raise more funds with sleek messages that you can customize in no time.
Three – Communicate directly with donors for urgent messages or time-sensitive campaigns.

#1 Express Setup

About one-third of all giving happens during December. And 10% of all charitable donations are made during the last three days of the year.

To help you kick of the giving season, we have made events convenient.

Use GiveCentral’s Express Setup to create a new fundraising event quickly.

In four simple steps, you can set up your event (crowdfunding, pledge, annual appeals), include new features to an ongoing event (like adding text-to-give), personalize communication and share it on social media!

  • Reserved Texting Keywords–We will reserve QUICK AND UPDATE Keywords in the texting tool. QUICK will bring up our short form to update contact information for new donors.  UPDATE will bring up the long form for completion.  
  • Christmas Texting–We will include an update to locations regarding Christmas.  Using the keyword Christmas will allow donors to make a one time gift to the parish.  Quick will be used for all others to update their contact info. 

#2 Express Communication

Kick off your Christmas fundraising with new custom built email template using GiveCentral’s Express Communication feature. We have put together a personalized communication for all parishes which would allow donors who aren’t currently giving electronically for Christmas to consider that option in less than 5 seconds.

With the help of SMART TOKENS, your donors can choose pre-feeded donation amounts and make a contribution towards your cause in a single click from their email! The selected amount will be deducted from their default set-up payment methods.

You can replace the content with your preferred message or use the the same template by adding the name of your organization – either way, sharing information about your events is that simple with Express Communication.

#3 Donor Communication Templates

Emails are now an important part of nonprofit communications.

Email lists grew by 11%, a growth rate outpaced by list growth in major social media platforms (Facebook, 13%; Twitter, 15%; Instagram, a whopping 44%). – mrbenchmarks

Communication is the first step to retaining donors and your monthly donors need an extra layer of communication that shows your love and gratitude.  To help you focus on what you do best and save you the effort of writing effective emails, we have uploaded new Donor Communication Templates on your dashboard. Edit our sample donor communication templates and send the right messages at the right time.

Our new fundraising features will help you save time, promote brand consistency, improve communication and increase giving. Log in to your GiveCentral account today and try for yourself. Should you have any queries regarding them, feel free to contact us any time.

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