How to thank your volunteers this Volunteer Appreciation Day

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How to thank your volunteers this Volunteer Appreciation Day

Fundraising for nonprofits is hugely dependent on donors. But it is the volunteers who form the backbone of any organization. It is their time and effort which allows you to function. They are more likely to donate financially as well. Therefore maintaining close relationships with your volunteers is essential for the success of your nonprofit.

The Volunteer Appreciation Day which falls on April 10 is fast approaching. This could be the perfect opportunity to thank your volunteers for everything that they have done. You need to be genuine in all your appreciation. This would boost up their motivation and foster a long term relationship with your nonprofit.

Here, we are discussing a few ideas on how you could thank your volunteers, this Volunteer Appreciation Day.

Send handwritten notes of appreciation

In this age of emails, texting and mobile devices, handwritten notes, sent through the mail still hold the power to make the greatest impact. They add an emotional touch to it apart from conveying the message. Your volunteers will feel genuinely appreciated when they get your letter. It will make them feel a part of your family.

Have a volunteer hall of fame

Create a hall of fame for your volunteers on social media. Show how valuable each one of them have been for your nonprofit.

Host a dinner for the families of your volunteers

Invite all your volunteers along with their families for a dinner night. Thank each one of them personally and tell them what they mean to your nonprofit. Make it a fun night for them that they would remember for a long time.

Gift them with some love

You could send some goodies along your volunteer’s way and thank them for their gift of time and expertise. They should know that their sacrifices hav’n gone unnoticed. This would also persuade prospective supporters to join your nonprofit.

These are a few things that you could do to appreciate your volunteers for all the good work that they have been doing. Thanking and making them feel a part of your community would only go on to strengthen your relationship with them. Volunteer appreciation is a must when it comes to nonprofit fundraising.


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