Ways to thank your nonprofit volunteers this Volunteer Appreciation Day

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Ways to thank your nonprofit volunteers this Volunteer Appreciation Day

With the volunteer appreciation day just round the corner, it’s time to thank all your volunteers. When it comes to charitable giving, you need to be sincere in your efforts while thanking them without having any expectations. It is their generosity and donation of time and effort which allows any nonprofit to work. Maintaining a close relationship with your volunteers is therefore essential when it comes to the success of your nonprofit. 

Thanking your volunteers can be done in person, publicly or even through group platforms. There is no such time as the right time to appreciate the effort of your volunteers – weekly, monthly or annually. The point is to deliver your message of gratitude in such a manner that your nonprofit becomes a home ground to the helpful individuals. 

Before we get into the few ways in which you can show your appreciation, let’s look into two major benefits of thanking your volunteers. 

  • Thanking your volunteers makes them feel valued, this in turn encourages them to come back to your organization time and again. It leads to better volunteer engagement and retention.
  • It is a good way to build relationships and it increases the chances of your volunteers becoming loyal donors in the future. 

Here, we are showing a few ways that you could use to thank your volunteers, this volunteer appreciation day.




It is ideal to know your volunteers by name. Making that extra effort to address them with personalized content will help your organization in the long run. Although volunteers are different from donors, tell them of your future plans, share your organization’s story in depth. In essence, make them an advocate for your nonprofit. As you continue to thank your volunteers, treat them as a part of your very own team. Charitable giving includes so much more than just collecting funds, remember to focus on all the people involved and their emotions. Sprinkle love and spread positive vibes along the way. 

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