Make the Most out of 2020 with these Unique Fundraising Ideas

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Make the Most out of 2020 with these Unique Fundraising Ideas

Nonprofit fundraising shouldn’t just be about the financial collections. The fundraising events can have many more benefits that can help your organization’s future. They could help you build a strong relationship with your community and create an emotional connection between the organization and its members. Let’s add a new energy to your fundraising efforts in the upcoming year with these unique easy fundraising ideas.


You might have never thought that cleaning lawns could help you raise funds. But gathering a group of enthusiastic volunteers and creating a lawn maintenance event in exchange for donations is a great idea. Promote the event by putting up hoardings in the area creatively explaining the necessity of cleanliness, and how your nonprofit fundraising event is helping the community. Create engaging social media posts offering your services.

Select a date with your group of volunteers and go door-to-door cleaning lawns in exchange for donations. Also, you can get a team of professionals as a value-added-service, which could help you increase the minimum donation amount and raise even more.

Auctioning a Birdhouse

The new year is already here and in no time it would be spring. Many people would be looking out for and shopping birdhouses to decorate their backyards. Doesn’t this look like an opportunity to create a fundraising event? Reach out to the locals, artists or handicraft sellers in your area and ask them to build a birdhouse as per their artistic taste. The more expensive materials used, the more you can raise.

Make It About Food

Around a joyous occasion, like the new year or any other festival, people tend to gather to meet friends and family. You can host a gathering for your community, or events like “a school dinner night” by taking inspiration from the school dinners of your childhood. Use your favourite dishes as a starting point and ask people to donate at the door. Dinner parties can be innovative with activities such as wine-tasting, sampling, and perhaps even a cocktail bar, where guests can put their creative juices to use.

A Pumpkin Run

Marathons or runs are a great way to increase participation in great numbers and boost your nonprofit fundraising. Relate it to the holiday season, like Halloween. The runners could register for a quick Pumpkin Run which could be 5Kms, 10Kms or 15Kms long. Once they cross the finishing line, they can cool down with a few soft drinks and go home with a pumpkin. If you make such an event around a great theme, like Halloween, it would certainly be interesting and encourage enthusiasm in your members. Such events also turn out to be great for interacting with your community. It is a great way to teach your prospects about your cause and build relationships. Anywhere during the event you can ask for donations. And perhaps the best way to ask for donations at such events would be Text Giving. Send out a text to the participants where they could donate just with a reply to your SMS.

A no-event event

Sounds confusing, doesn’t it? Even though it feels like a goofy concept, it could be a fun idea for your next fundraiser. A no-event fundraiser is one which raises money without really existing. It exists only on paper but not in practise.

Such events could be conducted in winters. Ask your members to get cozy in blankets, read a book or have some great tea while relaxing at home. So donors get the feel of actually attending an event without having done so. Not only does your nonprofit save the hassle of conducting an event but also a lot of money by not hosting the event.

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How do you promote it? Sell your tickets and promote an event that isn’t taking place. And once the event has not taken place, you can thank your attendees for not attending it.

Nonprofit fundraising events would likely draw more attention if made creative and engaging for the donors. Also, not just the events, but the ways in which you ask donations could be made creative. Want to know how? Contact us or visit us at GiveCentral.

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