Why mobile giving is great for seniors?

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Why mobile giving is great for seniors?

Mobile Giving is catching up big time in the nonprofit space. Nonprofits across domains and sizes are adopting it and making it easier for their donors. Generally, it is assumed that it is the young that mobile giving would mostly cater to. The young seem to have a perception of using their phones for their day to day transactions. But recent data shows that even the seniors are not too far behind. Around 42 % people aged 65 or above are using smartphones. The uptake in mobile phones among seniors has been increasing at an exponential rate.

In such a backdrop, it is worthwhile to explore the reasons why mobile giving is great for seniors. There are softwares like that of GiveCentral which not only allow mobile giving but also have some great community features which could come really handy when we have the seniors in mind. Let’s look at them in detail below.

Ease of Giving

Seniors are among those who are most likely to miss a fundraising event. It could be due to an illness or mobility issues. But with GiveCentral’s mobile giving feature they could give whenever and wherever they feel like. They won’t have the unpleasant feeling of having to miss out on their opportunities of giving.

Feel connected to a Community

You could send notifications about all your events to them. GiveCentral makes the sharing of messages really easy. This way the seniors never feel left out and are always connected to your nonprofit. They become a part of your community.

Setting up of Recurring Donations

At times there are chances of a member forgetting their donation inspite of the notifications or messages. By setting up recurring donations for them you make sure that there is no such issue. The seniors would be assured that they are making regular gifts. The set it and forget it nature of recurring donations is of big help.

Tapping makes it easier

The tapping on a mobile screen is much easier than going on some website and typing things out. Mobile giving eliminates the need to type out all the details every time one is making a gift.

Access to Giving History

There is no need to maintain a file with the receipts of all the donations. GiveCentral allows your users to easily access their full giving statement whenever they would like to. This could be of immense help during their tax time.

These were some of the ways how mobile giving could be great for seniors. With the percentage of seniors adopting the use of smartphones increasing at a rapid pace, it is only logical that your nonprofit adopts mobile giving.


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