With mobile giving, every day will be the 4th of July!

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With mobile giving, every day will be the 4th of July!

There is no doubt important days and events are a golden window for nonprofit fundraising. The 4th of July is around the corner, the day when we were granted freedom; the day that united us. It is all about celebrating freedom, spreading love and giving. For nonprofits, charities and fundraisers this day connotes to freedom from hunger, destitution, and poverty. 

Some indulge in executing creative and effective fundraising ideas for the day while for others even a handful of easy fundraising ideas will make the day a giving day. But for fundraisers, a couple of important days ain’t going to meet the needs. To ensure every day becomes the 4th of July, let’s make mobile giving the cornerstone of fundraising strategy.

Mobile Giving – give on the go

Mobile giving, a donation which is completed through a mobile device, is taking off like never before. Features like text to give and text to donate have taken strong roots in the fundraising realm. The ability to give through a mobile device is giving that little extra push to donors that online giving is deprived off. In online giving, a computer is used to make the donation rather than a mobile device. Given an internet connection, a donor can make a donation via a mobile device anywhere, anytime rather than waiting to get back to their computer or laptop.

Ingrained with the ability to make donation easy

Did you know that people are willing to donate but back off when they sense that the process is time-consuming? One of the most popular ways to do away with the cons of conventional and online donation is mobile giving. With the following types and features of mobile giving, every day will be the 4th of July!


The most popular way of mobile giving, text-to-give enables donors to make the donation simply by texting the nonprofit’s number along with the amount they would like to donate.

Since your donors are very much familiar with messages and must already be using it for communication, text-to-give provides them with an easy and familiar means of making a gift.

Mobile-responsive donation pages:

Let’s be clear: people prefer surfing website on the mobile device rather than a laptop. A mobile-responsive donation page will help engage more donors since the likelihood is high that your supporters will be looking for your donation pages on mobile.  And again, your donors don’t have to get back to their laptop to view your donation pages.

The only thing you need to take care of is that the page should have a dynamic layout and the text, call to action buttons must be mobile responsive.

Mobile email:

We are sure you must be having an organization’s official email and that you must be reaching out to your donors and supporters via emails. Get the most out of your emails by simply providing a button or link so that your donors can donate then and there. So, the next time you mull upon creating a newsletter or an emailer, don’t forget to add a mobile email donation button or the link to your online donation page.

Giving apps:

We discussed the mobile-responsive donation pages. But do you think people really would like to take the pain of typing in the URLs? Make a shift in the way they access your donation pages. That’s where giving apps come into the picture. It lets your donors access your donation pages without having to use the internet browser. 

With its types and features, mobile giving evokes a sense of easiness and allows fundraisers to meet donors where they are. 

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