Pledge fundraising checklist used by successful event planners

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Pledge fundraising checklist used by successful event planners

You already know that using a pledge campaign can be a fantastic and innovative way to engage your donors.

But are you ready to take your pledge fundraising campaign from “good enough” to great?

Our best tips are:

1. Create a compelling fundraising ask.

Tell a memorable story

Be clear about your goals and how will the money be used

List the most important information first.

When you’re making your ask, ensure that you’re emphasizing that you’re collecting pledges, not donations.

2. Make pledging as easy as possible.

Focus on ease of use and flexibility.

Keep your forms short. If your forms take too long to load or fill out, your donors will lose interest or patience and not finish their pledges.

Use Text-to-give: Allowing people the option to pledge from their phone is a great way to make sure you can reach as many people as possible.

3. Use social media to increase your reach

Your supporters often want to help you, but  don’t always know how.

Mobilize them into action by giving them the right tools – banners, links to your event, videos that they would be happy to share with their friends and family.

4. Stay organized in tracking your pledges.

Do not be afraid to follow up! Automate your follow up reminders- once in two weeks or two days before the deadline to ensure maximum participating without seeming too pushy.

Your donors will be relieved!

5. Say thank-you multiple times.

Always thank your donors. You might want to start by automating your communication for the following occasions.

– Immediately upon receiving the pledge

– When the pledge has been fulfilled

– At the end of the year.

That’s it! You are ready to roll.

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