Mobile Giving: Why and how to fundraise through mobile?

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Mobile Giving: Why and how to fundraise through mobile?

A donation made towards a nonprofit, charity or a faith-based organization that involves donors giving through a mobile device is known as mobile giving and it is on the rise. In the past year, mobile giving donations have increased by a staggering 205%. 51% of people use a mobile device to visit a nonprofit’s website. 96% of Americans now own a mobile device of some kind. Going mobile has become essential to the viability of nonprofit fundraising campaigns and donor retention today.

Benefits of mobile giving

Since mobile devices are easily accessible, making a donation via mobile is quick and effortless. A donor can make a donation without having to go through the hassle of mailing to a physical address, or even having to log in to a computer device. The whole point is to make fundraising as simple as possible. With a mobile device:-

  • donations can be raised in a few clicks
  • donations reflect in a nonprofit’s funds within a day
  • fundraising can be efficiently done during events

Let us have a look at how you can raise donations with a mobile. 


Text-to-give allows donors to donate by simply sending a text message. A nonprofit has to simply pick a text-to-give platform, such as GiveCentral. You will be provided with a unique phone number that your donors will use to text in their basic information and donations. Your donors will be redirected to your unique giving page, which is mobile-responsive as well so that they can directly donate from their mobile devices. Our text-to-give and text-to-donate platform is not just a gateway to receive donations but allows nonprofits to properly acknowledge donors for their donation. Your donors will automatically receive a message thanking them for their gift. 

Mobile giving apps

In recent years, mobile users have outnumbered desktop users. From 2013-2018, the average time spent by a US adult on the desktop has shown a drop whereas that on mobile devices has grown manifolds and will continue to grow. What was needed was an effective mobile communication channel for brands. A number of businesses and nonprofits are now using mobile applications to reach users where they are. For a small to medium-sized nonprofit, you may rely on mobile giving apps that allows you to:-

  • track donations real-time
  • send thank-yous and receipts upon receiving the gift
  • donors to directly update information 
  • administrators to quickly pull data and donation history of a donor

Remember that the apps should be reliable, simple, easy-to-use and secure. This will develop a sense of trust among your donors, supporters and new givers.

Custom giving pages

With GiveCentral, nonprofits can create custom giving pages that looks and feels like your organization. Whereas others provide you with cookie-cutter options, we give you the flexibility to create tailor-made giving pages. These donation pages can be customized as per your nonprofit’s branding requirements and the best part – they are mobile responsive!

With all sorts of options to customize fonts, background, and colour you can quickly create a mobile responsive giving page that fully resonates with your website. 

Mobile email campaigns

As mentioned, the time spent by a person on a mobile device is increasing as compared to that on a desktop. You might risk losing a gift if you still continue to create emails for the desktop era. This demands that fundraisers should rethink their email marketing strategy. Use templates that are designed to look great across all mobile devices. Use a compelling and short subject line so that the subject line doesn’t cut off when viewed on a mobile device. A conspicuous Call to Action (CTA) button that takes your donor to a mobile responsive giving page will do wonders. With such small amends, your usual email campaign will become mobile-ready.

Regardless of the kind of business or nonprofit organization you have, you can use mobile devices to scale up. Embrace mobile giving for quick action, better conversion and shorter turnaround time. With all those intuitive mobile fundraising tools, nonprofits can fundraise any time, anywhere.

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