Nonprofit Success Story: How St. Martin dePorres raised $20000 in 3 months!

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Nonprofit Success Story: How St. Martin dePorres raised $20000 in 3 months!

When St. Martin dePorres (Brooklyn) wanted to lift donations during COVID-19 they focused on their website effectiveness.

This helped them successfully raise $20,228 in the last three months and also increase their donor base. 

What they did right

  1. Need based website content

The website for the parish has to perform double duty: serve as an information portal during the breaking crisis and as a tool to raise funds and awareness about their efforts.
They prioritized donor needs over other objectives, the homepage of the website covers prayer information and announcements right at the top.

St. Martin dePorres (Brooklyn) Website

2. Sharing giving links with clear calls to action. 

Many fundraisers assume that general donation page visitors are already motivated to give, and so they neglect to make it easy for donors to take action. Organizations that saw increased donations, like St Martin dePorres, successfully:

  • Explained what the organization did in broad terms.
  • Used bold text and headers to make it easily scan-able.
  • Included a call-to-action headline with a specific donation ask.
St. Martin dePorres Giving Link

3. Using livestream for services regularly

The experience of using technology to participate in and celebrate Sunday Mass was a novel one for both, the faithful and the clergy, who used everything from GiveCentral Live, YouTube and Facebook. Devotees watched the Mass on their TVs, laptops and phones as our churches livestreamed services. Others recorded and then uploaded them on Youtube and shared links on email.

This was a crucial move because an average livestreaming event can raise in a few hours what your average individual fundraiser raises in a month or two because of higher viewer engagement.

St. Martin dePorres Facebook Mass
St. Martin dePorres Sunday Mass

Why is a website design important for your fundraiser?

When creating awareness for a cause or or a non-governmental organization (NGO), it is important to have a website that makes you quickly understand the content of your message and your values.

The design of your site should therefore not seek graphic originality at all costs but rather efficiency. Indeed, you must be able to communicate your message to as many people as possible. This does not mean that your website should be “plain or dull”. 

Read these articles for details on how to design the perfect donation page and how to get the donation form right. These are critical features to improve your conversions. 

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