How does the Earth Day fit into your nonprofit calendar?

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How does the Earth Day fit into your nonprofit calendar?

Earth Day, which falls on April 22nd, is an opportunity for us to show our concern about the state of the environment and our willingness to make positive change. This is the perfect time to draw people’s attention towards all the environmental issues that our planet faces. But apart from your moral obligation, you could also use this day to garner some support for your nonprofit.

Studies suggest that people value products which are green and more than 35% will pay more for it, even during a bad economy. This is the reason why corporations, nonprofits and even government agencies are going green. So if you are a nonprofit which is yet to align itself with green, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to hop on the bandwagon by using Earth Day.

Here are a few ways that you could learn from and use to make the most out of this Earth Day.

Advertise all your green practices

Figure out with your staff what are the activities that you do which are green. Maybe there are a lot of things which you are unaware of. Make a list of all these activities and advertise your greenness. You can publish this on your website articulating how serious you are towards conserving resources and helping this planet.

Pair up with an environmental group

Join hands with an environmental group and start a crowdfunding campaign for Earth Day.  You could leverage on the social media presence and the mailing list of the environmental group and project yourself as a green nonprofit. You could share your mutual networks which could end up being beneficial to you both. The return on the fundraising campaign and all the new connections built would be much higher than all the effort put.

Organise a cleanup for Earth Day

Get your supporters and volunteers, along with your staff to participate in a cleanup event. This could be some local park, nature center, school, etc. You could meet new people here who are green minded. Make them a part of your community. You could post the pictures of the event and publicise it on your social media accounts.

These are some ways for you to make the most out of this Earth Day. It is the right time for you to do something for the planet along with your nonprofit. This is why the Earth Day should be a regular part of your nonprofit calendar.

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