World Cancer Day: Fundraising ideas

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World Cancer Day: Fundraising ideas

On 4th February, people across the world come together each year to mark the World Cancer Day. Raising awareness around Cancer and encouraging its detection, treatment and prevention. The mandate of the World Cancer Day is to significantly reduce illness and the deaths caused by Cancer, by 2020. Even your Nonprofit could be a part of this event and contribute to creating some tangible difference. Fundraising Ideas around this day could be thought of using some creativity. This is one of those events which could evoke some real emotions and generosity in people. Many have lost their loved ones to this disease and if given an opportunity people would readily come forward to do something about it.

Here, we have compiled a list of fundraising ideas that you could learn from and go about raising funds this World Cancer Day.


You could talk to a local band and try organizing a concert on that day. Hold a fundraiser at the concert and let people know about your cause. Ask people to contribute generously. Moreover, you could raise some funds by selling tickets for the event.

Bake Sale

You could bake your way to fundraising success by holding a Bake Sale around the event. Ask your supporters and volunteers to get some home made bakeries. Organize an event and sell it there.

Dinner Party

You could hold a fundraising dinner and invite all your supporters and volunteers. Keep a small fee to be a part of it or ask them to make a small donation elucidating them about your cause.

Cinema Screening

Plan a movie screening with Cancer as the theme of the movie. Book a movie screening hall and invite people to attend it. After screening the movie make it a point to tell people about your cause and how cancer has been a scourge to mankind. List out a call to action for the people present there and ask them to be a part of your fundraiser.

Matched Giving

Talk to some local business houses or some corporates to sponsor your cause and set up a matched giving fundraiser. This would mean that for every dollar contributed as donations, they would match an equivalent amount to your funds. This would make your donors believe that for every dollar that they contribute the effect is twice the value. This would drive even greater donations by working on the donor psychology.

You could emulate these easy fundraising ideas in your fundraising efforts this World Cancer Day. Market your cause well on social media and put in the hard work to make the most out of all the opportunities out there.

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