What nonprofits need to know about mobile fundraising.

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What nonprofits need to know about mobile fundraising.

At a time when almost every industry seems to be embracing the technological changes to remain relevant, there is no reason why nonprofits should stay behind. What lies at the core for everyone is the donor experience. For all nonprofit fundraising that would translate to how easy it is for the donors to be a part of the process. People don’t have the time to go and figure out how to donate. It gets extremely important to make it simple for your donors to give.

And this trend has indeed been catching up in the nonprofit space. In fact, a survey has shown that mobile giving has increased by 80 percent since 2013 and almost 18 percent of donors have already been donating with their mobile devices. This makes it really important to embrace mobile giving and make it an important component of your fundraising strategy.

So here we have compiled a few things that your nonprofit needs to know about mobile fundraising to make the most out of all the opportunities.

Get Past Profiling

When it comes to mobile giving, you need to get past profiling your donor base based on age. One usually takes the liberty to assume that mobile giving is mostly associated with the younger generation. But even the older donor base has been increasingly donating through their mobile devices. So make use of data analytics and see which pages visitors go to via their phones. Make these easy to access through the mobile phone so that all this traffic finds it easier to access. This would gradually translate into higher donations.

Donor Management Software

Using a donor management software has multiple benefits. Not only does it make it really easy for you to keep a track on funds, accounting and analyse data but it also makes it simple for your donors to give. It allows them to give on the go – whenever and wherever they would want to. This ease of giving would only result in greater donations and higher donor retention.

Text to Give

The Text to Give, designed by GiveCentral is one more novel feature that could fit into a nonprofit’s mobile fundraising strategy. The nonprofits could direct the donors to a particular mobile fundraising page. The donors need to text their basic information to an unique texting number of the nonprofit. Once they have done this, they receive a thank you text with a link that takes them directly nonprofit’s customized and mobile friendly donation page. It is upto the nonprofit organization to select how the page looks and what the ends points of donation are. This is a simple and fast method of making a donation. It could be done through any smartphone.

Both mobile giving and online fundraising has been growing at an exponential rate. While there is still a lot of ground to cover, there are ever growing ways that organizations are coming up to incorporate into their overall experience. It goes without saying that the easier you make it for your donors, the higher is the reward in terms of donations and gaining long term supporters.

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