5 magic words to help your online fundraising donations

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5 magic words to help your online fundraising donations

Whether you are organizing a big fundraising event or sending a newsletter to your community, every step towards raising donations for your nonprofit requires a clear strategy. Fundraising can be tough at times, yet with some easy fundraising ideas and tricks, you could successfully solicit greater donations online. One such amazing idea is the use of some “magic words”.

What are these words and where do you use them? 

The first step towards online giving is preparing for a campaign and creating a custom fundraising page. All your fundraising results can be turned upside down just by creating the right page, and using the right words. According to us, here are the 5 words that would increase donations for your nonprofit :


Spending too much time talking about your nonprofit is seriously, a waste of time. This makes the donors feel excluded from your community. You need a critical assessment of the messages that you send to your donors.

Ask yourself this question – Are you focusing on the donors or your organization?
Your fundraiser must be about the impact that your donors can make. Therefore, your messages should be largely about “You” not “We”.

Tell them the stories in a way that shows their contribution to the good work:

  •  You helped us bring food to a 1000 poor children!
  • Your donation made this happen!
  • Thankyou for your support!

2. “100%”

You must make giving feel good. If it does not, your fundraiser won’t be successful. It is known that donors are increasingly against overhead costs. They do not want their money to go towards the owner’s salary. Reducing these overhead costs could harm your nonprofit. But adopting the idea of overhead-free donations would instead help your nonprofit fundraising. Have professionals or bigger donors cover administrative or concealed costs, so that most of your smaller donations go directly towards the help that you are offering.

3. “Expert”

All of us look forward to the opinion of experts before making a decision. The word “expert” helps you build authority. Use testimonials, logos of organizations supporting you, links of research papers that you are writing or influencers that are helping you. All such things help increase your influence over the potential donors.

For example “Support local experts in creating awareness about how to harvest rainwater.”

4. “Instantly”

Marketers have found that using the world “instantly” helps ease conversations with potential donors. It is so that our brains love instant fulfillment and we become prone to spending money for something that helps solve our problems quickly. This is something that you can take inspiration from and use with your nonprofit fundraising. Instantly emphasizes donors to take action right now. Once a donor makes a donation, make sure to follow up with a thankyou message and a note that describes how their donation will make a difference – for instant gratification!

5. “Small”

You can use “small” on your fundraising page in two ways.

  1. To help the donors see their donation as a minor gift and not as a major sacrifice.
    What do you think sounds more malleable : “a $10 fee” or “a small $10 fee”? You know that both are the same amount of money, but the second phrase looks a lot more manageable.
  2. To emphasize the impact that even a small amount can make.
    You must realize that every penny counts for your organization. Yet, you need to make the average donor feel the same too. Make sure your donors know the value of each donation –however less the amount might be.

Using such techniques and easy fundraising ideas would help your donation page – as donors feel much happier contributing to a page that is personally meaningful to them, and increase your donations over time. As fundraising is backed by emotion, let the reader empathize through it. We hope you have a great fundraising event. Should you find trouble raising donations, do not hesitate from contacting us any day.

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