How to Use LinkedIn to Expand Your Nonprofit’s Reach

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How to Use LinkedIn to Expand Your Nonprofit’s Reach

What you do today is important, because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. Keeping this in mind, it is a great idea to make good use of the platforms that are presently available to your nonprofit organization. With over 600 million members, LinkedIn is an ideal place to find new donors and supporters for your charity. Online fundraising for nonprofits can be made easier with the right strategies and execution, planning your communication on LinkedIn is one good place to get started. Here are a few ways in which you can use LinkedIn to gain new donors and keep them for the long run. 

Activate your staff

A lot of nonprofit groups cannot be joined as an organizational page. However, the good news is that individual profiles can join these groups and start a conversation. Narrow down on the groups that you would like to join; get your staff to send a join request to these groups. Nonprofit groups are largely focused on discussions about fundraising for nonprofits, donors and all kinds of nonprofit work. Once your team is a part of the groups, you can start posting about your campaign and projects via your staff, reach out to like minded professionals and expand your audience.

Build your network

LinkedIn offers a pool of opportunities to build connections with communities. Building your connections and widening your circle by collaborating with other organizations can help you improve your visibility and eventually reach more audience. Your nonprofit can also reach out to nonprofit leaders and influencers and explore ways to get them to do a shout out for your campaign. 

Know your tools and features

LinkedIn Campaign Manager is a tool that helps you create, launch and monitor your marketing campaigns. In order to reach the people of your tribe, the tool allows you to choose your own target audience using different factors such as location and profession, among others. Furthermore, Campaign Manager also enables you to select the purpose of your campaign from a list; this simply means you can lead your audience to your donation page once they click on your advertisement. In addition to this, there is LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace where you can find volunteers for your nonprofit organization; volunteers donate their time and effort to your fundraising campaign. 

Post regularly

Images and videos that tell the story of your nonprofit will engage your audience; show the impact of your fundraising campaigns and speak about it through your LinkedIn posts. Re-share the posts of nonprofit leaders and make sure that you tag them along with the organizations that they may be linked to. Respond to your comments, acknowledge the appreciation that you receive. 

Publish relevant articles

For any activity including fundraising for nonprofits, communication is of extreme importance. Articles are one good way of putting your thoughts out and encouraging engagement by asking for the opinion of your readers on the topic of the article. You can write and publish articles on LinkedIn, on other times, you can always share blog articles on your LinkedIn page. It is advisable to enable direct LinkedIn sharing on your blog. 


LinkedIn may not be every nonprofit’s first choice when it comes to marketing your cause and gaining more donors. However, it can be a powerful extension of your organization helping you to establish credibility and trust. 


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