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How do I get $1B in appeals and campaigns?

A church-giving campaign is the best way to get people in your community to raise $1B over a certain amount of time. This money can fix your church building or send more people on missions. These campaigns are what keep your church moving forward. They help you reach big goals and keep doing your work.

How do I get $1B in appeals and campaigns?

How do I get $1B in appeals and campaigns?

However, it’s not easy to run a good church capital campaign. Plan, have a strategy, and have a lot of heart. GiveCentral is always there to help you with every part of your giving effort so that it goes off the charts.

Understanding What Giving Campaigns Are and Why They’re Important

A giving campaign allows churches to raise money for big projects or expenses. For example, you might build a new facility, fix up the one you already have, or even buy land for future growth.

But we need to be clear about something. Not just a bake sale or a car wash comes to mind when discussing church-giving campaign ideas. Everyone involved in that operation works hard and has a deadline. They all have their eyes on the same goal. It’s not just about getting by; it’s about having big dreams, setting high goals, and working together to make your church and town special. Only then can your online appeals and campaigns raise over $1B.

It’s not the same as regular giving

Regular appeals and offerings are important for covering the day-to-day costs of running your church, but giving campaigns is for a different reason. They’re all about getting money for certain projects, usually bigger ones. These charities are both important, but they do different things.

Capital campaigns are more like sprints with a finish line in sight, while normal giving is more like a steady walking pace that you do repeatedly.

Making plans for your giving campaign

Having clear goals and plans at hand

But how can you aim if you don’t have a goal? When planning your giving effort, it’s important to have a clear goal. The SMART method is a popular way to set goals for your church’s capital campaign. This method involves making clear, measurable, attainable, and relevant goals and has a deadline. If you wish to raise over $1B through online donations, set that exact goal with a plan.

SMART goals help you and your community see the big picture, keep you going, and determine your well-being.

Creating a Detailed Plan

But it’s not enough to just have a plan. You need a well-thought-out plan! You would never go on a road trip without a map. The same goes for starting a capital campaign: you should have a plan.

Then what does this plan cover?

  • Start and end dates: when do you begin?
  • What are your most important checkpoints?
  • How much money do you need at each stage?
    Making a plan helps you stay on track and organized, and it lets you make changes if necessary.

Engaging the Congregation

It takes more than good planning to make a church-giving drive work. It also needs people who believe in it. You need to get everyone on board with your goals and plan now that they are set.

Communication Strategy

Communication is key to the success of your capital effort, just like it is for any other project. So, how can you talk to people? These are some ways:

First, talk about the goal. Don’t just talk about “what” the campaign is about but also “why.” Why is this project so important? What changes will it make in our community? It’s time to write an interesting story!

Keep the updates coming in. It’s important to keep everyone active and informed about how things are going. This not only gets people excited, but it also helps keep the energy going.

Don’t forget to use a variety of ways to communicate. Every platform—Sunday services, your own church app, social media, emails, and even one-on-one conversations—is a chance to get the word out. This is where GiveCentral steps in. Every tool you ever need for effective campaigns is present on the platform.

Get your church members to take part. Get them involved in the conversation by letting them ask questions and share their thoughts. Don’t forget that they own this effort just as much as you do!

Involvement and Ownership

Being able to communicate well is only the beginning. For your effort to really work, you’ll need to make people in your church feel like they own and are involved with it.

A church giving drive isn’t just about giving money; it’s also about giving your time, working hard, and putting your heart into it. It’s about your church family getting together and how important each person is.

So, get your community involved in ways that matter. They might be willing to help with campaign events or give you their skills and time to help your cause. They could also pray for the cause or tell their family and friends about the news.

Their sense of ownership and commitment will be better if they feel involved with your church. And when everyone feels like they have a part in the effort, everyone benefits!

Fundraising Strategies

Now that you have a plan and the backing of your community, it’s time to get those funds together! Remember that there are different ways to reach your goal as you continue to plan your church’s giving drive.

Fundraising Methods

So, let’s explore some fundraising methods you could try.

First, you could host an event. The best part about this fundraising method is that it’s not just about raising money. Events help bring your community together. It could be a charity concert, a sponsored run, or a communal meal. The possibilities are endless!

Next up are pledges. This is where your congregation can commit to giving a certain amount over a period of time. It’s a great way to keep the momentum going and ensure a steady flow of funds for your cause.

And don’t forget about online giving platforms like GiveCentral. In today’s digital age, making it easy for people to give online is crucial. It’s convenient, secure, and allows even those who can’t physically attend your services to contribute.

Donor Engagement and Follow-Up

But know that online appeals aren’t just about getting people to give money. Building connections with your donors is what it’s all about. They are more likely to support the cause if they feel respected and loved. So, keeping in touch with your donors during and after the campaign is important.

When you follow up, be friendly. Thank your donors by calling them, writing them thank-you notes, or even holding a special event to enjoy the success of your campaign.


In addition, you’ll want to keep talking after the campaign ends. Tell your donors what you’re doing with the money received after their online appeal and how it has helped. Getting them involved and telling them how grateful you are will build long-lasting relationships with donors and set up your ministry for long-term success.

Making the Best Use of Technology

In this modern world, technology impacts every part of our lives. So why not use it to boost the success of your effort even more? With the rise of online donation events and giving, it’s important to use technology to reach as many people as possible and make it easy for your community to give.

Ways to Give Digitally

If you want to give online, you only have to click a button. There is no hassle offline, just a smooth, easy process that turns giving into a pleasure instead of a job.

Digital giving tools like GiveCentral make it simple for church members to give from anywhere and anytime. They make it easy, quick, and safe to give by streamlining the process. With tools like promises and regular giving, you can make it easy and safe for people in your community to give to your cause.

But that’s not all. Your church can also keep track of our gifts, make giving records, and even set up regular payments with GiveCentral. 

Keep track of and report on

Tech can help your giving effort in many ways, and digital giving is just the beginning. Digital tools make it easy to track and report on the progress of your efforts. This information helps you figure out how successful you are and lets you choose where to put your efforts.

With smart tools provided by GiveCentral, it’s easy for your church to keep track of your progress toward your goal, see where your online donations are coming from, and even guess what kinds of gifts people will give in the future. This knowledge is very helpful for making plans and strategies for future efforts.
So, if you can choose the easier and more efficient option, why go for a complex one? Online appeals with GiveCentral can help you raise over $1B effortlessly!

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