Best ways to achieve your target through crowdfunding

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Best ways to achieve your target through crowdfunding

Given the current time and situation brought about by Covid-19, the term and concept of “crowdfunding” may not seem very inviting because it implies a group of people getting together and donating towards a cause. However, the truth is that these donors do not have to get together in person, in order to gather funds. This can be done via online and mobile giving, that definitely is the best part. Statistics have shown that crowdfunding campaigns have been able to gather billions of dollars. 

In the past, we have written an article where we have stated why nonprofits should adopt crowdfunding and how it can help them. In this piece, we are going to look at the few ways in which you can improve and maximize the impact of your crowdfunding. 

The SMART technique

The running of crowdfunding is like any other fundraising campaign. Therefore, you must begin with a clear and well-defined goal. A target amount and a deadline aren’t enough to make your campaign a success, your nonprofit can consider the SMART method – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time based. An example can be the goal to raise $7000 over the next three weeks in order to provide shelter to 350 homeless dogs that have been discovered last week. This is a technique that can help you in the creation of a more focused, impact-oriented and campaign-specific fundraising.  

Empowerment of donors

When your motive is to empower your donors, there are multiple things that have to be kept in mind. Most importantly, you need to provide guidance; you need to help people discover your campaign, assist them in exploring it and bring them to the completion of a donation. Even if you are using mobile giving as a tool, you need to brief your audience properly, a tutorial video is a good example. You can always encourage your donors by letting them know the kind and amount of positive impact that they can bring about just by donating to your campaign. 

Choose the right platform

Let’s make it very clear that an online donation platform alone will not drive traffic to your fundraising page. The platform on which you host your fundraising should no doubt meet all the requirements of your nonprofit. The success rate of a campaign is defined by the people working on it and continuously guided by the kind of marketing and fundraising strategy that the organization adopts. You must identify your needs and see which platform will help in the best possible way. For instance, GiveCentral offers different tools and expert advice on different fundraising campaigns and helps their partners achieve their respective goals.

Get social

Getting social has never been easier; social media and technology have given us a gift that we can put to our benefit. In order to let people know about your crowdfunding campaign, you need to be very much present on social media. Write about it and post as much as you can, ask your family and friends to help you in getting the word out. You can even use visuals to promote your campaign, choose the right images and videos that best represent your fundraising campaign. If possible, make use of catchy titles and captions. You can also promote your fundraiser online via text messages and word of mouth. Tell your story by connecting with your donors and letting them know why and how they should contribute.

Show your gratitude

A factor that is important in all types of fundraising campaigns, your nonprofit must thank the donors for their support and contribution. This could be in the form of handwritten notes or even emails and text messages. When you thank your donors, you start creating a bond that may be beneficial to you in the future. It is also important to leave some room for growth, you will need more support in case you decide to come up with a fundraiser that aims at a bigger target amount. Keep your supporters posted about the results and also the next project, if there is any. 

Take time to plan and strategize. Sit back and educate yourself on donation techniques like online and mobile giving. Communication is important, therefore make sure that you leave no stone unturned. In an attempt to help nonprofits function better, GC organizes webinars focused on online giving. Feel free to register here

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