Make A Difference with GiveCentral for Salesforce NPSP

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Make A Difference with GiveCentral for Salesforce NPSP

GiveCentral has been working with nonprofit organizations for over a decade now. Our experience helped us understand their various needs and necessities related to online fundraising. In the zest to continue our efforts to help nonprofits fundraise better, we acknowledged the lack of a proper donor management software for our clients. Looking at options to build one, we came across a robust tool that many nonprofit organizations were already using to manage their data, i.e., Salesforce NPSP.


Salesforce NonProfit Support Package (NPSP) is a free tool that is used by a great number of nonprofits across the world. It provides great scope for customizability and modules that can help create the most efficient CRM systems for nonprofits. Salesforce NPSP features include flexible, open data architecture and adds pre-built constituent and donor management components. 

After going through the potential of the same with GiveCentral’s online donation platform, we ended up with the idea of creating GiveCentral for Salesforce NPSP extension. This is a sync that has been built with the motive of combining two robust tools to develop a comprehensive system for nonprofits that will enable them to manage their data, donations, contacts and payment. This helped enhance the existing setup of our platform and also helped us extend our reach to nonprofit organizations already using Salesforce for their CRM needs. With the sync, organizations could leverage the benefits of two different tools in one – GiveCentral as the payment (donation) processor and Salesforce for   data management. 

Our Efforts

With the seamless integration between GiveCentral and Salesforce, all the events hosted on GiveCentral’s online donation platform would have their data hosted on Salesforce. Most organizations that are using Salesforce have to move their data manually from their current donation systems to Salesforce manually. However, with GiveCentral and Salesforce’s integration, all the information updated or filled by donors on our platform, automatically flows into Salesforce through the backend. It eliminates the hassle of moving data manually, leading to lesser discrepancies and a lot of time saving.

 As Salesforce helps nonprofits with their data management needs, it adds the privilege of better analytical tools and customized reporting for nonprofits with our platform. With the sync, nonprofits using GiveCentral could get customized reports for their events and analyze them for future references. 

Moreover, we enabled this sync so that organizations using Salesforce could store donor’s payment information. In case of recurring donations, updating the donor payment information on Salesforce would directly sync the information with GiveCentral’s online donation platform, and the amount could be deducted as per the pledge. So, there is no need to shuffle between the two platforms to update information and process donations.

For GiveCentral, this seamless integration enabled the creation of detailed donor profiles. Features such as household management, relationship management and sacraments were added to donor profiles, where the nonprofit administrators could categorically segregate their donors according to the latter’s preferences.

For example

Donors belonging to a particular household may have similar donation or event preferences. Similarly, donors related to each other might donate to similar causes.

Further, a Batch-Entry tool was set up for storing the relevant data of online donations on  Salesforce. There was no such provision on Salesforce before this sync that could help organizations manually set up the donation and donor data that they collect during the weekly or monthly services. With GiveCentral’s Batch-entry tool, organizations can now upload all the data related to offline collections and donor profiles in batches at once. This new tool is one of the most beneficial and most used aspects of the GiveCentral for Salesforce NPSP integration.

This collaboration between GiveCentral and Salesforce has helped us create a comprehensive tool and valuably enhanced our efforts in helping nonprofit organizations raise more.

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