5 Ideas to raise more donations in September

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5 Ideas to raise more donations in September

With autumn, the activity of your nonprofit will probably slow down. These two months of tranquility are perfect to prepare yourself for the next major giving season. Use this time to anticipate and think about the holiday fundraising, and maybe think about finding new sources of funding. Here are five ideas to collect and raise more donations in September.

1- Think about the future: who will be your donors?

We sometimes hear nonprofits say, “we do not need an online presence because our members or donors do not use the internet so much”. These nonprofits have a relatively older audience that does not use the internet on a regular basis. And even less to give. But why limit yourself to this audience which anyway is intended to give less over the years? With all the latest fundraising reports showing us that the older generations are not at all the ones who give the most.

Many studies show that the largest donors are between 25 and 55 years old, because they work. They are the ones who have the greatest ability to give- and are very active on computers and phones all day. In 2019, an average of 50% of those over 65 made an online transaction. By contrast, nearly 80% of 25/55 year olds use the internet for transactional purposes. Do not close the door of your nonprofit to these future donors by taking into account only your current members, members or donors.

2- Establish and cultivate your online presence

The internet is none other than a shop window, which allows you to present and “recruit” supporters. Like a brick store, look after your appearance. The reality today is that the nonprofits compete with all the other websites online. If a donor searches on google “nonprofit for animals”, this user will find dozens of associations to support. Who will receive his gift? The one who has been able to present itself in a clear, interesting and convincing way.

3- How to attract Internet users to your web “fundraising page”? Use digital marketing.

Simply use digital marketing techniques. These techniques are commonly used by bigger organisations in the United States where they are more technologically advanced. They understand that nonprofits are also ‘brands’ and must think like a for-profit company when it comes to presenting themselves online. The idea is to drive traffic to your website (that is, more people will visit your site) and also create a steady stream of online donations throughout the year.

The heart of digital marketing is creating inspiring, informative and educational content for your target audience. You can share it on your nonprofit’s blog or website and post it on your social networking page (Twitter or Facebook) to attract more traffic. You can also disseminate this information through an email campaign or your newsletter. The content of your site creates a link, a connection with your online community of prospect and current donors. In short: you want to:

a. A high quality website to increase the number of prospect donors that visit your website

b. Create relevant stories (content) to retain your visitors to turn them into donors

c. Disseminate information about your nonprofit/ cause/ charity event via email

d. Convince your donors to fund initiatives through regular donations

4- Take care of your donors: building loyalty

Acquiring a new donor is much longer, harder and more expensive than keeping an existing donor. On average, it was noted that nonprofits lose about 70% of their new donors before receiving a second donation or funding. It’s a lot! and it is possible if your nonprofit does not take enough steps to retain them. How to retain these donors? Once again use the strategies of digital marketing: thank them + inform them – these are the two keys to success. Segment your donors. Whoever gives 100 dollars must be treated differently than the one who gives 1000 dollars. For example, larger donors may have access to more detailed information or receive honorary titles. Organize loyalty campaigns via email.

5- Organize crowdfunding campaigns

Crowdfunding is a technique by which your nonprofit will seek funding for a defined project, for a defined amount and within a defined time. The nonprofits we work with use these technique very often, allowing donors to direct their funds towards a project that affects them. Again, make sure your page can be shared and is updated with all the relevant details to drive donations.
Thanks to these crowdfunding campaigns you will be able to reach a more diversified and widened audience network online. You can share your crowdfunding campaign page via Twitter, Facebook or any social media platform you want.

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