GiveCentral Connect: Best App to Give Online Donations

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GiveCentral Connect: Best App to Give Online Donations

“If you need to raise funds from donors, you need to study them, respect them, and build everything you do around them.” – Jeff Brooks

These lines perfectly sum up the importance of donor convenience. Why you need to study it and then build things based on your findings. Consequently creating intuitive feature in your smartphone apps, to make your donor experience a happy and a seamless one. Building a community and keeping the donors at the centre is the key when it comes to fundraising for nonprofits.

In this backdrop, GiveCentral is proud to introduce GiveCentral Connect – The best church app that streamlines the everyday giving, helping your donors to support their faith in community. Designed just for donors, this app lets them support your parish on the go.

What are its features?

GiveCentral Connect lets your donors to stay in touch with your church throughout the week by using the app to view parish notes, calendars, mass times and social media feeds. They could also submit prayer intentions through the app and send instant messages to the parish administrators. This makes the whole donor experience a rewarding one by creating a community online.

This app also makes the process of giving much simpler for your donors. With a few simple clicks, they can manage their giving, track their donation history and stay on top of all the parish related updates. Moreover when the tax season is around, a record of all these transactions could come really handy.

How does it Work?

One just needs to select the nonprofit, cause or the church that they are seeking to donate, from the ones listed with the GiveCentral application. Then they need to register by filling out the contact details. They are all set to make the donation to the cause of their choice now, with their credit or debit cards. The entire process is extremely secure. They receive a tax receipt at the end.

It is important to make your donors a part of your community and allow them to take ownership of what you are doing. This app perfectly fits into such a requirement by allowing you to do the same. Fundraising for nonprofits has never been this smooth.

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