GiveCentral Crowdfunding: When nonprofits need funds, fast

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GiveCentral Crowdfunding: When nonprofits need funds, fast

The Crowdfunding statistics report that $34 billion were raised globally in 2017. From just $530 million in 2009, crowdfunding websites as a platform has come a long way in less than a decade, when it comes to fundraising for nonprofits. It is seeing tremendous growth and the predictions for future are pretty sanguine.

In this backdrop, GiveCentral is proud to introduce GiveCentral Crowdfunding which is a crowdfunding tool that works in conjunction with our GiveCentral donor management software. Crowdfunding could be used when one needs to quickly raise funds for a specific event, goal, or crisis. Fundraising for nonprofits gets much easier with this tool.

How does it work?

Using the tool, you could customize and publish your own unique crowdfunding page, set goals and timelines for each campaign, and enabling sharing easily by integrating it with your social media accounts. And all this comes around one third the cost of other leading crowdfunding websites.

How are its features?

GiveCentral’s crowdfunding tool is designed specifically for time limited, goal oriented nonprofit fundraising campaigns outside your traditional collections.  With its Social Media Integration feature, you and your parishioners can share your campaign story on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat with a push of a button, vastly increasing your target market. It also offers website integration with widget capabilities. GiveCentral Crowdfunding has the Real Time Accounting Integration which seamlessly integrates into GiveCentral tracking donations and donor information into your master database. Moreover, the completely customized web and mobile sites make it easy for donors to support your cause whenever and wherever.

Whether you need $100 or $10000, GiveCentral Crowdfunding has no raise requirements and lets you keep all the money you raise.

Crowdfunding allows your community to chip in in ways that are more than just financial. Your community can easily share your unique page on their social media to increase the awareness around your campaign. With the various features that the GiveCentral Crowdfunding tool offers, successful fundraising for nonprofits is just a step away. So let’s get started.


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