Tips on donor retention post Christmas

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Tips on donor retention post Christmas

Now that Christmas is finally over, it’s the time for a nonprofit organization to reach out to all the supporters and donors. These are the people who help it to succeed in all its endeavours. One should personally thank all of them and try to convert them into long term supporters. Retaining the donors year to year makes the job of a nonprofit organization way lot easier. Keeping their interest and loyalty after Christmas requires some meticulous effort.

One needs to form a deeper relationship with their supporters or donors to motivate them into continued action. While reaching out to them, one should sincerely thank them for all their generosity which made it possible to have a successful Christmas campaign without any hint of self-interest or expectation.

Here are a few tips which could help a nonprofit organization to reach out and enhance relationships with all the supporters who showed up for Christmas:

Personal ‘Thank You

One could walk the extra mile and show the donors how much they mean for them by writing personal thank you letters to each one of them. All the volunteers of the nonprofit could be used to do the same. But one should make sure to use their donor’s names in the letters and sign it personally. This could make the donor’s instantly connect with the organization and the people working for it. Relationships are built by such personal touches. Once the donors are made to feel appreciated, it makes them believe that they are not just donors but are valued partners in the mission.


One needs to show all the impact that has been made by their campaign. A direct link between the donor’s act of giving and the impact made would go a long way to enforce the donor’s confidence in the organization. When people see tangible results, there is a greater chance that they would associate themselves for a longer term. One could use newsletters to show the impact stories and keep the donors posted about all the progress. Even the social media could be used here to show live impact stories and reach to a much larger audience apart from your donors.

Donor Segmentation

All donors are important and need to thank them all. But at the same time one needs to communicate to a donor in a way that’s relevant to them. For this one needs to make use of data analytics and segment the donors to target them appropriately. Reach out to them and engage with them more pointedly.


When the donors have been a part of the Christmas campaign and have helped it to succeed, they must be made to feel like equal partners in all future events. For this a feedback loop must be arranged where they could share in all their opinions about the campaign and how things could be made to work better. This would only add to their trust and make them feel like being a part of a long term association.

All said and done one needs to be genuinely thankful to all their supporters who showed up for Christmas. After all these are the people who made it all happen in the first place. These were a few tips out of many which have been shared above which could help a nonprofit organization to reach out and enhance their relationships.

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