5 New online communications and fundraising trends for 2018

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5 New online communications and fundraising trends for 2018

Technology has covered a lot of ground and has travelled many a miles in the past year. Smartphones, Personal Computers and the Internet of Things are a common feature in a person’s life now and are evolving on a regular basis. The nonprofit organizations are not untouched from all these changes that the evolution of technology is bringing in. To stay on top of the game and to make the most out of all the opportunities out there, a nonprofit organization should stay abreast with all the latest developments and shouldn’t hesitate to adopt it in their own workings. A nonprofit must prepare for the future and try to be an early adapter.

Here we have listed below some new trends in online communication and nonprofit fundraising to watch out for in 2018. These are the trends which are making waves in the way business is being done these days. Nonprofits need to watch these out and should try to make it a part of their workings as soon as possible to stay ahead in the competition.

Mobile Wallets

Nonprofit organizations could try using the mobile wallets for their In-app Fundraising. Studies say that in United States, payments through the mobile wallets are expected to surpass that of both the credit and the debit cards by 2020. They are primarily understood to be Near Field Communication payment system but they also offer online and In-app payments.

Digital Payments on Social Networks

Social Networks have been widely used by the nonprofit organizations to reach out to people for marketing their cause and also in terms of building a community. It is a low cost and a high impact way of projecting the philosophy of your organization and adding new supporters. The latest development in the social network space is the rise of digital payments in the network itself. This would mean that it could get much easier to get your marketing converted into some tangible donations by providing your potential donors to do so in the particular social media platform itself. Facebook Fundraising Tools, YouTube Donation Cards and Periscope Coins are some of the examples. With over a billion users on Facebook itself, digital payments along with mobile giving tools have the most reach.

Use of Emails

Nonprofit organizations should look beyond just using the social media and adopt email marketing along with it. This would ensure that they are able to reach their true potential by reaching out to all kinds of potential supporters. Use of multiple communication channels and articulating your messages based on the channel in use would go a long way to take your campaign to a huge audience.

The Rise of Messaging Apps

Messaging apps occupy a major portion of people’s time these days. It has a widespread adoption among the internet using population. And even the messaging apps are coming up with their own digital payment options which could be encashed by nonprofits to promote their campaigns and get support converted into donations.

The Rise of International Giving

Data suggests that as many as 45% of donors give to organizations located outside their country. The problem which usually arises when it comes to international fundraising is the lack of an international database of verified organizations. The tax ID numbers in the U.S. along with the GuideStar database enables vendors to easily process online donations without any fear of a fraud. The BRIDGE Registry and OnGood Global Directory of Verified NGOs are two emerging databases addressing this obstacle.

These are some of the emerging trends to watch out for and adopt in 2018 to get a lion’s share of all the resources out there. Early adoption is a cause for an organization being successful.

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