New Year’s eve fundraising ideas

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New Year’s eve fundraising ideas

It is a pretty well-known fact that holidays are one of the best times for raising funds. And the New Year has to be one of the most fun holidays of the year. This is that time of the year when people are busy making new resolutions for themselves. You too could pitch in here and make a new commitment to your organization by hosting a fundraising event for the New Year. It could create a big impact and help you generate all the excitement that you need for your charity and your organization. Not only that, it could also kickstart your efforts for the upcoming year by giving you a boost in the funds column.

But one could easily be lost for ideas as to what one should be doing for the New Year’s Eve fundraiser. Generally some creativity and adding some fun to it should help.

Here are some New Year Fundraising Ideas for you to learn from.

Hosting a Gala

Everyone loves a good New Year’s party. People like to get dressed up in this beginning of the year event. Hosting a gala could be one of those ways which perfectly blends the fun of a party and the goodness of raising money for a cause. If you could add in some celebrities or performers to it, it could play really well for your cause. Sell your ticket to the gala at a huge price and make big bucks for your charity. Let the people at the event know that they are contributing for a good cause along with partying. Allow them to donate to your charity at the event.

Hosting a Concert

You could invite a few local bands and host a concert for your supporters. Charge a fee for it and let people donate for your cause on the side.


A New Year’s Eve auction could be one of the best ways to raise funds. Ask your supporters, volunteers and local business houses to donate their products or services for the auction. You could partner with some corporate house or an organization. It could also give them an opportunity to market themselves. The event if managed properly could raise a lot of funds for your charity.

Wine or a champagne tasting party

This event works great for smaller groups and could be a truly fun way to raise funds on this special day. People love such events. You could capitalize on that and charge them a small fee to attend it. Once they are attending your event, market your charity and your cause along with serving them with some great wine. Allow them to donate you on the sidelines of the event.

These were just a few of the many New Year Fundraising Ideas for you to learn from and implement. A good start to the year would give your organization the perfect momentum to make the year a success. Apart from that it doesn’t hurt to have your financials on the right side just at the start of the year. But to make the most out of this fun time of the year, you need to have a really good strategy in place. And to top it all, be innovative and creative with your ideas.

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