Brilliant social media campaigns: Which brands got it right?

Brilliant social media campaigns: Which brands got it right?

December is already here and could sense the excitement for Christmas almost everywhere that you go. Social media is the go to space to create some buzz these days. Therefore it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Christmas social media campaigns have started sooner and sooner each year. With a lot of organizations competing out there, it gets only imperative that one comes out with some creative social media campaigns or ideas to catch their share of attention on social media.

Here are some of the best Christmas Social Media Campaigns or Contest ideas that could help your nonprofit to increase its supporter base and generate engagement.

One comment = four meals, by Cisco

Back in 2013, Cisco – a multinational technology company used Facebook to run a social media campaign during the Christmas. They donated four meals to the World Food Programme every time there was a comment posted on their Facebook page by someone. Cisco, through its efforts surprised everyone how they were giving back to their own community and gained a lot of fanfare through their efforts. Things that ads can’t buy.

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Buy from Catalogue and donate to help Red Cross

In 2015, the American Red Cross came up with the idea of building a Digital Catalogue of items that people could pay to donate. As many a times, when people are asked to donate money to charities, the process doesn’t go smoothly. All kinds of excuses are made. Studies suggest that people like to donate tangible things during the holiday season. Coming in this backdrop, the idea of building a digital catalogue of items for people to choose from and donate has to be a very innovative one.

Save the Children

This charity used the idea of associating with a celebrity and coming out with something fun that helps it reach out to a very wide range of audience. It spoofed Southern Comfort’s Whatever’s Comfortable campaign with actor Harry Enfield in order to acquire participation in Christmas Jumper’s day. The video attracted a lot of views and the charity got a lot of new supporters. This idea was as creative as it gets.

UPS delivers your Wishes

Charities like the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the Salvation Army and Toys for Tots tied up with UPS, a shipping company for its Your Wishes Delivered campaign. This campaign was launched during the Christmas and as the name suggests, people were asked to share their holiday wishes on social media with the hashtag #wishesdelivered. In exchange, UPS would give away $1 to one of its charity partners and the lucky winners would get their wishes fulfilled.


JCPenny, a retailer came out with a “Jingle More Bells” campaign. The campaign included the hashtag #JustgotJingled which asked its customers share the moments when they have been able to “Jingle More Bells” in the Christmas season. This campaign was intended to inspire a movement where people would go about spreading holiday cheer, capturing it on video or photo and then posting it to their favourite social media channel. This idea did catch up and a lot of people shared their getting Jingled moments.

These were a few Christmas Social Media Campaigns or Ideas which have been really successful. This could well be emulated by your nonprofit organization and create all the necessary buzz on social media to get a lot of supporters and reach out to a much larger audience.


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