3 Strategies to keep in mind when it comes to alumni crowdfunding

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3 Strategies to keep in mind when it comes to alumni crowdfunding

People usually share a strong bond with the institutions that they were once a part of. This bond runs down a little deeper when it comes to schools. They would happily want to give back to their alma mater in whatever ways they could. This is why among the various school fundraising ideas that one could come up with, alumni crowdfunding should top the list.

Crowdfunding is an innovative idea to reach out to your large  alumni base and allowing them to donate in whatever amount that they are capable of. They could make this donation while being present at any geographical location. Your alumni are not only your prospective donors but are also potential long term supporters. They need to be dealt with strategically, to be able to make the most out of all the opportunities at hand.

Here are three strategies which you should keep in mind while going about alumni crowdfunding.

Building Relationships

All your fundraising efforts with your alumni should center around building long term relationships. You need to make a reasonable pitch to them and keep them in the loop. Let them know about all the good work that you have been doing for the institution. Show them how their help would go on to make things better. Articulate a great story to make a lasting impact. Make it as personal as you could.

Social Media Marketing

Make good use of social media to reach out to all the people who have graduated from your school. Use all your networks to get as many connected as you could. Using the various platforms and the different communication channels that social media offers, deliver your messages regularly and keep them updated. Ask the people who are already there to share it to the ones who are out of reach.

Value the fact that all alumni are not the same

Your alumni could be different based on the stage of their career. Some who would have graduated recently might have student loans to settle. The older ones might be more forthcoming in making the donations. The key lies in identifying these differences and dealing with each group accordingly. Make use of data to identify these patterns and target specifically.

These were some strategies for you to learn from before going about your next alumni crowdfunding. Among the plethora of school fundraising ideas, the ones where you could include your alumni have to be the best.

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