Three things nonprofits should keep in mind for donor retention

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Three things nonprofits should keep in mind for donor retention

When it comes to fundraising for nonprofits, one needs to look both for new donors and ways to retain their existing ones. Usually it is easier to get donations from your existing donors as they already have a connection with the nonprofit. The goal should be not to lose these connections and keep the donors content and as passionate as before. When these donors give regularly, they guarantee a regular flow of funds which allows a nonprofit to strategize their campaign with greater ease.

Donor retention in ways could be considered more important than gaining new donors in terms of building long term relationships that matter, the amount of donations coming in, acquiring knowledge about the fundraisers and in taking the campaign to newer avenues.

Here are our top 3 super simple (yet powerful) tips for donor retention:

Request feedback

Ask your donors what they feel about the work that your nonprofit is doing. What are the things that they would like to improve and if they have any complaints. Receiving feedback is just the first step. The next thing that you need to do is to sit with your team and evaluate it all. Take their suggestions and complaints seriously and see how you could make it a better experience for them.

Building Relationships

Your donors are the reason behind all the amazing work that you are able to do. Take efforts to build a long lasting relationship with them. Call them to say thank you after any milestone that you reach. Let them be updated about all the amazing work that your nonprofit is doing. Share some great stories with them. Keep them in the loop about everything related to your campaign. This will make them a part of your family and build their trust in your nonprofit.

Mobile Giving

Allowing your donors the ease to give, whenever and wherever they want to, would go a long way in determining the success of your nonprofit. Making it hassle free for them would result in higher amount of donations coming in and the donor retention rates would shoot up too.

These are the 3 most important things that nonprofits shouldn’t ignore if they want to have higher donor retention rates. Donors are the key when it comes to a successful fundraising for nonprofits. Treat them well without many expectations and the returns would be beyond what you could imagine.

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