Advice for Young Nonprofit Fundraising Professionals

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Advice for Young Nonprofit Fundraising Professionals

Young professionals are going to be  the ones that will shape and create tomorrow’s business world. A number of millennial have passion and love for causes that will help change the world. A graduation degree may just be a stepping stone. Now how do you thrive in an environment set up by a nonprofit organization? The ability to combine motivation with hard work and smartwork is where you’ll find your answer.  

Do the homework

Before you join any nonprofit organization, research about the organization. Get to know about their goals and mission, make sure that your values are the same as that of the nonprofit. It is important to do this exercise so that you already know the kind of environment you are getting into, this way you won’t really have a hard time adjusting at the organization. Make sure that the culture sits in line with your professional and personal development goals.


The importance of communication in this sector has risen to a whole new level. Be it within the organization or with supporters and donors for nonprofit fundraising, forming a bond through communication has become a must.  Even at events, try to network as much as you can, this may help you make better contacts. Build relationships; at one point or the other, we all face difficult times and could very well use some help. 

Find a mentor

It doesn’t matter which section of the society you come from or which race you belong to, you should never shy away from approaching nonprofit leaders or your seniors for guidance and help. It is true that some may be willing to help you while some may not, but your job is to try and learn as much as you can from strong supervisors. Take advice from multiple mentors if possible, grab your opportunities by the horns. 

Take risks

There is no shortcut to success. You join at a junior position then move up the ladder.  However, be willing to take risks; great if it works, you learn if it doesn’t. The nonprofit world involves a lot of people, so you will have to try to understand people’s expectations and what you need to deliver.  Deciding on a fundraising method that would work best for your cause is a good example. Your colleagues and seniors can distinguish between a fresh, youthful perspective and an inexperienced know-it-all. Therefore, feel free to provide suggestions and ideas, but remember the importance of showing humility and respect. 

Take care of yourself

This is an industry that puts the needs of others first, it is a very noble job that can stress you out completely.  Emotional and physical stability is important when it comes to nonprofit fundraising. This is exactly why we give so much importance to self-care; this may be different for different people – meditation, spending time with friends and family, holidays, exercise, anything that refreshes you and re-energizes you. 

There is no written piece that will be enough to armour any young professional set to enter a nonprofit organization. This is so because the best teacher is always real life experience, these are simple tips that can guide you as you patiently work towards your breakthrough. Be transparent in all your dealings and be patient with the results of your work. 

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