5 COVID-friendly Holiday Traditions that Give Back

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5 COVID-friendly Holiday Traditions that Give Back

With 2020 coming to an end, it has become a common understanding that the holiday season is going to be different like everything else this year. Numerous nonprofits including churches have come up with different fundraising methods and techniques to cope with the pandemic. Giving tools such as text to give has been largely adopted by charities and donors alike. 

Getting on video calls with relatives and grandparents, wishing each other through emails and messages and sending gift cards to loved ones have become the new normal. This is definitely the season to focus on family and dear ones. However, it is also important to remember our neighbourhood and people who might be in need of help, spreading the joy should never come with limits. In this article, we will be focusing on the interesting activities that can be done with family and help that can be given to people outside of family. 

Support local

Given the time and location, most of the families currently prefer to cook at home. For this, you can always buy your raw materials and ingredients from local grocery stores. The shopkeepers are struggling to keep their source of livelihood afloat and buying from them is the best way to help them. This way, you will be helping others in the process of helping yourself. 

Jar of “gratitude”

Get the members of your family to contribute a note each with reasons that they are thankful for this year. Place it in a jar of gratitude and open it on New Year’s eve. To make it more meaningful, include a pledge of $1 to a charity for each reason on the notes. 

Sell your recipe

Cookies are synonymous with Thanksgiving leading up to Christmas and New year. Get your friends and family on a video call and ask them to bring two cookie recipes along. The recipes should not be given away but sold, this means that you buy each other’s recipes and the money can go to different nonprofits and their causes. You can always resort to remote giving methods such as text to give and online transactions to execute this idea flawlessly. 

Volunteer safely

Unlike the previous years, you cannot be present in person for days of volunteer work. But here is what you can do, you can send warm clothes and food to the elderly and even children who are in need of the same. You can even gather your friends to bake and prepare food and even make your own delivery at doorsteps, all while maintaining a safe distance. If you are financially stable, you can take charge of a less privileged family and take care of their needs this season. 

Family carol

Mass carols are not a possibility, therefore you can get your family to decorate your car with lights and go on a drive as you play and sing carol songs. For many, the essence of happiness is in the sound of carols as well. By organizing your own personal carol, You can still enjoy the spirit of the season with comfort and safety.  


The above ideas can be your Covid-friendly holiday traditions this year. You can also help nonprofits in raising funds online through social media and fundraising pages. You can contribute by promoting giving methods such as text to give and mobile giving, remote giving is not only safe but also, it is quick and easy. We wish you a magical holiday season!


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