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Creative fall fundraising ideas

Fall season is a great time for people to come together and socialize. It is also a great time for people to gather as a community and celebrate around a camp fire or a dinner table or even a sport filed. It is also a great time to organize a fundraising campaign as people will love to become part of something together thus there is a greater chance of success for your campaign.
With so many popular autumn activities morphing and activity to your fundraiser will be easy. With improvisation and creativity, you can have fun raising money for your non-profit. Here are some creative fall fundraising ideas:-

1. Harvest Feast
A community dinner or feast is one thing that can bring people together and participate in large number. You can contact local chefs and business for serve beverages and food and you can also arrange musicians. To support your cause you might find business and people to partner up with who will want to support you. You can sell tickets for a seat at the dinner table and also attract sponsors with the promise to promote their product on the site.

2. Pumpkin Carving Contest
Carving a pumpkin has been one of the traditional activities in America for generations. You can arrange such an event and charge an entry fee for the competition and sell merchandise of any sponsor you partner up with. Organizing such an event will not only help you raise money but also make your likable in front of the local community.

3. Festival Race
Whether for Halloween or for Thanksgiving you can hold a spectacular marathon run. You can even host the event live and collect donations online through online portals from a much bigger audience. You will be able to sell t-shirts and other merchandise to promote your organization.

4. Football tournament
As football season starts you can also kick off a football match for your own local community. Ask local people to form teams and register for the match for a small fee and compete with other teams. You will be able to generate more money by creating multiple teams and multiple matches which the people will come and pay to see.

5. Apple Picking
Many apple orchards arrange an orchard walk during the fall season. Partner up with a local orchard and charge people an entry fee to the orchards. You can also host an apple-themed feast and other activities.

6. Bonfire Gathering
Like said before the season of fall is a great time for people to come out and enjoy the weather and do activities as a community. Bonfire after such events can attract a lot of people, who do not want to enjoy a campfire style gathering and socializing. You can ask local business for pallet donations. Sell tickets for the gathering and also ask for donations at the venue.
There are various ways to inculcate this season into your fundraising plans. However, you may do it you will have the potential to reach out to many more people than usual. Fall season fundraising events lucky don’t limit any demographic of people, all and everyone is welcome.

10 tips for a successful non-profit crowdfunding campaign

Americans have been donating to non-profits, much more than ever. And when it comes to the break-up of donations, online fundraising seems to have a clear edge over offline. Within online fundraising, crowdfunding has gained a lot in popularity and is seen as a medium for your easy fundraising.

So it’s now on you to strategize how you could optimize your crowdfunding campaign for success. Here are a few tips which could which could help you in doing this.

Successful Crowdfunding campaigns

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Recent data gives a thumbs up to online fundraising

online fundraising

The advantages of online fundraising over the traditional ones has often been theorized in the popular literature. Be it in terms of the unimaginably large number of people one could reach, spread across large geographical distances or the relatively easy access to finance which is not dependent on a few big investors.

According to recent data released by Blackbaud Index (which tracks $20 billion in U.S. charitable giving month to month), overall giving for the three months ending in August was down 0.8 per cent as compared to the same three-month period of 2016.

Conversely, online giving saw a rise of 9.8 per cent when the two periods are compared, reinforcing our point, on the upper hand of online fundraising over traditional ones.

This disparity between overall fundraising and online fundraising is present at the sub sector level too. Arts organizations saw a decrease of 0.9 in overall fundraising, while its online fundraising saw an increase of 16.5 per cent, which was the second highest of all sectors.

Human service organizations saw a 0.6 per cent overall decrease but the third largest online increase at 14 per cent.

Healthcare organizations saw an overall increase of 3.1 per cent and an online increase of 8.1 per cent. Public society benefit organizations which were the biggest gainers in overall fundraising at 5 per cent were also the biggest gainers when it came to online fundraising at 18.7 per cent.

International affairs and education are two sectors which underwent an overall contraction when it comes to overall fundraising but saw an increase when it comes to online fundraising.

Now, coming to organization level data, large organizations, those with a revenue of $10 million or more struggled the most overall, seeing a decline of 2.4 per cent but were the biggest gainers online, with a rise of 11.5 per cent.

Small organizations which are defined as those with revenue of $1 million or less, were on the opposite end of the spectrum and witnessed an overall growth of 2.4 per cent and an online growth of 4.4 per cent. Medium sized organizations saw an increase of 0.4 per cent overall and a growth of 9.3 per cent online.

Looking at all the recent data and figures, together with the sectoral and the organizational break up, we could safely concur on the fact that online fundraising is the way to go. It is not only an attractive option in terms of raising funds but also a tested community building exercise where you form deeper bonds with the people contributing to your cause by keeping them in the loop all along.

Tips to increase your donations and market your cause


Tips to increase your donations and market your causeDonations are the support system that takes a non-profit to a successful accomplishment. It now matters how big or small your mission campaign is, with the support of the right number of donors and the right amount donations any non-profit can achieve its goals. So if foremost important as to how to get donations for your mission and what are the best methods to market you and your organization to be able to collect both the funds and a solid support group.

Few tips on how to get donations and market your non-profit:-

  1. Great content and stories

When interacting with an online audience it is necessary it remember that they haven’t seen or met you. In fact, some of them might also not have heard about you. To attract these potential donors it’s essential to draw them with your previous success stories, lives that you helped change. Show the impact you made in the most inspiring way possible and people will readily donate to your cause.

  1. Peer-to-peer motivation

The ‘everyone is doing it’ mentality sometimes can help creating the chain reaction of support. Encourage donors to publish and share the donation they made to social media to boost your followers. Claiming their support on the social media and their testimonial will help build faith in your band as well as allow people to become part of the bigger movement by donating to your cause. It’s a win-win situation at both ends.

  1. Make online donation easy

Not only should the donor be able to use your portal with any kind of payment method he wishes to use i.e. debit card payment, credit card payment, PayPal etc. You won’t want your potential donors to get frustrated trying to donate. Also, keep the online transaction neat any easy to understand. It will make the donors more willing to donate at any time they want.

  1. Show the impact of their donation

Directly relating a person’s donation to the mission he is supporting help encourage the person to donate more. For example, if you donation link says ‘your $1 will help bring clean water to drought-stricken homes in India’ the person will realize the importance of his money. Often people don’t donate thinking about the huge sum required to make any change in the world and think their measly donation won’t matter. In this way, you can show they matter and encourage them to donate.

  1. Make online donation more accessible

Making the donation from the computer screen or from a tablet or even from a mobile phone, until and unless all these devices support your payment portal you might find it hard to make people donate. An online portal compatible with all of these devices will encourage more donors to donate. Not only that, having the donation capability on a mobile phone will let the donor donate from anywhere at any time.

  1. Be Grateful

Your fundraising doesn’t end. You will still need to make it happen the next year. And while you might be making plans to pursue new potential donors keep in mind that it is only possible if your current support group still sticks with you till next year. Be generous in thanking them for their support. An online post of their contribution and their help on any social media platform will not only make the donors happy but will also act as a marketing strategy for your next fundraiser.

These tips will help you fire up your fundraisers. You can also concentrate on refreshing your donation strategy and approach your fundraising goals creatively and more effectively. Your online presence opens your campaign to a much wider audience and thus a greater chance of success. So try making an impact with your online campaign strategies.

Make Pink October a fundraising triumph

Pink October started in 1997 as a month-long campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer. It is also known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) in America. It is internationally observed during the month of October every year, the month for cancer charities to come together and increase awareness and raise funds for the cause.Pink October easy fundraising ideas
A charity organization that supports breast cancer awareness will know that the fundraising ideas have to be worked long before October arrives. And organizations who are just new to raising money for the cause will need to learn the maneuvering for a successful fundraiser for Pink October.

Here are some ideas for fundraisers that can help you raise money for Pink October:-

  1. Becoming part of pink

To become part of the pink trend you need to theme your campaign to the color. It can be as easy as putting up merchandise in the color pink and even using the color in your promotional campaign. Sell consumer products in pink to raise money and remind them to be vigilant about cancer.

  1. Put up the pink ribbon

It very easy to attract attention with the pink ribbon, the internationally recognized symbol for breast awareness. Tie up with local business owners and insert the ribbon into everyday life. For example, you can paint the pink ribbon on parking spots so that people remember to donate while getting to know about your efforts.

  1. Pink Food treat

Food color is easy to lay your hands on. Arrange a picnic or eat out for your community members and encourage the volunteers to use the color pink in their foods. The visitors will buy the food with pink in it which will serve as a visual reminder of where their money is going into and to support what cause and this will encourage them to put in as much support as they can.

  1. Pink Raffle

Ask big companies to donate items to your cause for the game in exchange for marketing. Arrange the event in the theme of pink and let the items be in pink carry bags. Anyone can take part in the raffle by paying a small amount.

  1. Wear pink

Thousands of people will wear the color on 20th Friday, October 2017 in support of the Breast Cancer Awareness. Join in the cause by asking your employees to wear pink casuals to work. Coming out to support the movement will help your organization gain the respect of the local community.

There are even more ideas for a fundraiser. Whatever you do if you do it in pink you will bring awareness to breast cancer. It is necessary to raise vital funds that will go in researching, studying and preventing breast cancer. Pink October is not only a great way to raise awareness for a cause but also a great opportunity to bring people together in support of a cause. It is also a great opportunity for a non-profit to meet its goals of the year.

Steps for Safer Online Giving Experience

Steps for Safer Online Giving Experience

Donating money to your intended cause has never been easier. There was a time when you could donate money only when someone representing the cause came knocking on your door, or you had to walk down to a local centre.

The internet has given nonprofit fundraising a renewed hope. E-giving is easy, convenient, and by a general consensus, safer too. That is not to say that risks aren’t involved. As is common with all good things, there are a few people who are determined to spoil this experience for everyone. Let this not scare you though.

GiveCentral understands the risks involved and we are determined to make sure this doesn’t deter your goodwill. So, read on! And with the tips we’re giving you, you’ll never have to think twice before deciding to give online.

  1. Know you cause.

This is true regardless of risks involved. But the risks make it all the more important for you to know the cause for which you’re contributing to. Research the cause and the means through which you’re trying to donate to the cause. Learn the particulars and the important dates regarding the cause. With this information, you can be an informed donor.

  1. Know where your money will reach.

It is important to learn details about your recipient. This is not limited to the name and location of the organization you’re donating to, but also includes knowing more about their account details. Make sure you’re donating to a bank account registered to an organization as opposed to a bank account registered to a person. As a general rule of thumb, a bank account registered to a person is something you’re supposed to stay away from.

  1. Practice safe e-giving.

Make sure you don’t enter your card details any other place than required. Don’t send over card details to a third party handler if he or she tells you that they’ll take care of it.

Make sure that when you enter the payment portal, the portal is secured with a “https” encryption. Just observe the URL of the payment page and see if there’s a “https” at the beginning. And if there is, you’re mostly good to go and if there isn’t, you should contact the organization and ask them why their payment portal isn’t secured.

  1. Obtain adequate contact information.

Make sure you know the contact details of the concerned persons at the organization you’re donating to. Write down the name, address, email ID, and other contact details in a safe place before donating money. Establish contact and make sure you know them well enough before you’re comfortable enough to donate.

  1. Be wary of spam emails.

Spam solicitations are very commonplace. And more often than not, spam emails asking for money are scamsters and fraudsters. That is not to say that all of them are. After all, email solicitation are still one of the most ways to ask for money. So when you receive a spam email asking for money, make sure you do the proper research before even responding to the email.

  1. Store receipts.

Once you’ve donated money to your intended cause, your job is mostly done. But there’s one last thing you must keep in mind. Make sure you store a copy of the payment receipt of your contribution, either in digital form or a printout. Make sure you store these receipts in a safe place. You never know when you might need them.

With these tips in mind, GiveCentral hopes you’ll have a pleasant e-giving experience.