Introducing GiveCentral Donor App – Give and track donations from your smartphone.

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Introducing GiveCentral Donor App – Give and track donations from your smartphone.

GiveCentral Connect is the new, smarter way for church giving and nonprofit donations. The new church app for donors allows individuals to make a donation at any time to the cause they want to support, making mobile giving ever so convenient.

Giving is much simpler and practical. The application allows donors to save time and money by simplifying the donation process to the maximum extent possible. The app also features updates and notifications from donor’s favorite charities and Pope Francis’s twitter feed. It also makes the donor experience more rewarding by creating a community online. Donors can find places of worship or charity events near them, subscribe to preferred communications, edit and save their giving preferences or browse their records on the go.

How it works?

With our intuitive, user friendly app navigation, giving is now easier and faster! Simply,

  1. Pick a non-profit, a cause or church listed with the GiveCentral application.
  2. Register by filling your contact details. Use fingerprint to login and use app.
  3. Give to the cause of your choice among those available. You can find the history of your donations in your account real time.
  4. Donate by making a credit, debit card. We use SSL encryption. Your personal and banking data is 100% secure. Save details for future giving. Edit anytime!
  5. Receive your tax receipt.

Simple to use, the app is available on all smartphones.

Download the free app now.

Donor App on Google Play.

Donor App on iOS .

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